VIDEO: Hundley on USC

Nov. 23 -- Brett Hundley talks about getting the third straight win over USC...

Brett Hundley on USC:

On the win:
It was huge. I couldn't do nothing without my O-Line. They played their butts off tonight. Blocking, running, everything. I had time to stand back there and wait a little bit and the O-Line played their butts off, the running backs ran and the receivers got open. Everybody in all facets of the game, offense, defense, special teams, played well.

On the passing game:
We just slinged it around. I think we threw for about 330 yards today, which is a testament to our offense. And 152 yards rushing. Both sides of the ball, the run and pass, were working.

On bouncing back after the pick-six:
After that happened, that was probably the calmest I was all game. I was talking to Eric Kendricks and we both said we weren't worried, we'd get the ball back, score some more touchdowns and call it a game. We didn't panic. When stuff like that happens, you can't panic. Its a big game, a big atmosphere, you can't be afraid to make mistakes.

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