VIDEO: Players after Victory

Nov. 23 -- Norman Powell, Bryce Alford, and Kevon Looney talk after the 77-63 win over Long Beach State...

Norman Powell and Bryce Alford:

Kevon Looney:

On shooting the corner three:
I really feel confident in that shot. I worked on it a lot in the off-season.

On being more aggressive on a poor shooting not:
Not really. I knew that everyone was not going to shoot well all the time. The guys just gave me opportunities in great spots to shoot and score. I’ve been confident because I put the work in this summer. I just worked on my game and was getting up reps, so I feel comfortable with my shot. If I miss, I know what adjustments I have to make in order to make the shot.

Bryce Alford:
On winning on his dad's birthday:
It was fun getting this win. I know he wanted us to win the game for him tonight.

On facing a zone:
We haven’t really seen it a lot this year. The 2-3 zone we’ve only seen a couple of minutes this year. I have to realize when a team is in that zone. I have to do a better job at recognizing it. It’s my job to realize the zone and get us into our offense.

Kevon Looney:
On his offensive rebounding:
I was very active tonight. During the first half, I touched the ball a lot but wasn’t able to pull it in, but in the second half, I was able to grab those rebounds.

On his offensive performance:
On offense I played terrible. I just had to make some plays on defense to make up for my offense.

On Norman Powell's offense:
That’s just his role. He’s a very solid leader, and we really count on him to score when we need a bucket. That’s his role. He’s our senior leader.

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