VIDEO: Mora on Stanford's Uniqueness

NOV. 24 -- Coach Jim Mora said that preparing for the Cardinal is a bit different than for other teams, while also talking about the unique abilities of Myles Jack, and more...

Opening statement:
We had a good start this morning. Our players recognize that its a short week and we don't have any time to spare. I thought they came out with tremendous focus. They came out yesterday with good focus. And I appreciate that. The maturity to put a big win like that behind them and move on to the next challenge. Stanford, it's not secret, they've beat us three times in a row. We have a lot to play for. I don't think revenge is a factor, it's more going out Saturday, executing and playing our best football and give ourselves a chance to continue playing this year. That's where the focus is and I think they understand that.

On if Stanford's defense is the best they'll face:
They're very good. They're a very good defense. I don't know if they're the best or the worst. I don't really compare who we played to who we're playing. They're solid, they're physical, they're very talented. They're opportunistic. They take the ball away. So we're going to have to be very precise in what we do to get yards against them.

On if there was a common theme in their losses to Stanford:
I don't know, I don't break it down like that either. We break the game down play by play, see where we could be better each play. In terms of a common thread, I don't know. If thats the common thread, then we have to play better. We have to protect the ball, we have to take care of our quarterback, we have to run the ball, tackle better, make all of our kicks.

On how much different the game plan is:
It's pretty darn different. Its very unique, especially this year. You would have thought maybe Texas. Some of the things they do with their offensive line and using extra linemen at tight end spots, and their dedication to running the ball and wanting to pound it, its different than what we've seen. It's going to demand a little bit of a different game plan and mindset for us.

On Kevin Hogan:
I think he's a good player and I have a lot of respect for him.

On what the two losses this season have done:
I try to not look back on them and dwell on them or play the what-if game. I think that's dangerous. Something happened after that Oregon game with our team. If they want to say it relieved the pressure, I think that's fine. I think we refocused and gave ourselves a break and we've been playing pretty good football since then and getting better on a weekly basis.

On Myles Jack playing corner:
I'm glad that someone recognized that. He played linebacker, nickel and safety. He played three positions on Saturday. We had him on a top receiver, a Biletnikoff guy. He's a linebacker, we'll put him at running back a few plays, but I don't think we'll put him at corner.

On a player like Jack playing out at corner:
In my career, I've only had it once, Julian Peterson, who played for me in San Francisco. When we were playing the Dallas Cowboys to secure the NFC West, and I was the coordinator, he played defensive end, inside linebacker, outside linebacker, safety and corner and I think his jersey is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame because he played more positions than anyone in one game.

On Owa:
He's continuing to get better. The last few weeks, he's really come in. What people see is the pressure on the pass rush. He's very stout, he's very disiciplined and the pay off is that he gets to rush the passer.

On if they have more confidence:
I think they've had confidence all year. They're a good group, work hard, Angus does a terrific job with them. I don't think it will matter that much. They work hard, and pay attention to details and study their opponents.

On Devin Lucien:
He got the one against Washington taken away from him. Its been a struggle for him, with things going on off the field that have tested the young man. So to see him just keep plugging away when its tough and focus on himself and getting better, its a sign of his maturity. We were all happy to see him make that play. For a couple reasons. Number one, it was a touchdown, but number two, everyone cares about Devin. So to see him catch that ball was pretty great.

On Sam Handler defending the logo:
I didn't see it. We were headed to the locker room. I actually didn't know about it until midnight. I called Sam and said 'tell me what happened'. He said 'well, I just felt like the team was leaving the field and I thought that guy was going to stab it so I felt like I had to do something.' What I've heard from outside reports is he's a folk legend. It wasn't anything we talked about and planned, it was just him having a lot of school pride.

On Marcus Rios:
He's doing real well. We mix our secondary around a lot. You guys see that. It all depends on what we're trying to accomplish and scheme and who we're playing against. If Marcus is called upon, I'm very confident he'll play well. He's overcome a lot. He's getting better every day.

On Ishmael Adams:
He's doing a lot better than I thought he would. I didn't see much of a limp. He worked with Coach Alosi mostly. I feel really good about where he's at. With it being a short week, today would have typically not been a practice day, but he was so that's a really good sign for us. He will be a before the game time decision. He tweaked his ankle. And as you saw, he didn't come back in, it swolled up but he's recovered very nicely.

On Priest Willis:
He's ok. He got a head trauma. I'm not sure the extent. All head trauma is significant, but not significant where they're overly concerned. We're very cautious on those things but we have a protocol in place to determine if he can play and if he can't play, he won't. Its up to the doctors and we have the very best doctors in the country.

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