VIDEO: Kendricks on Stanford Offense

NOV. 25 -- Veteran linebacker Eric Kendricks talks about how having beaten Stanford, the challenge of the Cardinal offense, and being on the verge of getting his name in the UCLA record book...

On a sped up week:
We don't have that extra 24 hours but its all about the maturity of the team, getting your body right and preparing for the next game. We changed the game clock a little from where we've started. But its a normal week from where we've started.

On Stanford's offense:
A lot of runs, a lot of power and some physicality up front. They do different things than everyone else. This is my fourth time playing them in three years, I know what to expect, so I'm trying to get the young guys on the same page and get ready.

On the biggest difference playing against Stanford's offense:
Anticipation and eye difference. A lot of film study and communication.

On why they've struggled against Stanford:
They've been a tough team throughout my career. They don't make mistakes and are a disciplined team. They're a physical team.

On if they'll play with a chip on their shoulder:
Absolutely, we've never beat them. I'm excited to play them.

On their last game against Stanford in 2013:
It was physical. Like any other game, but a little more so since it was Stanford. A lot of downhill runs and power.

On if the team has improved its physicality:
Our team is very physical, we like to move around and hit.

On if the win over USC gives them confidence:
Yes, every week we've gotten better and executed on Saturday's. Confidence is high right now.

On closing in on the all-time tackles list:
I tell everyone not to mention it, but I haven't heard anything.

On if he'll enjoy the success after the season:
I'll enjoy it later, look at my stats then, but play hard and at the end of the season look back on it.

On Stanford's running back:
Running back by committee is tough because you never know who's going to go off like that. Its always a challenge. It's nothing we haven't seen before so we're ready.

On how active Vanderdoes and Clark were against USC:
Extremely active. As a whole, our pass rush was awesome, and our run defense as well. They dont get a lot of credit, but its earned. Hats off to those guys.

On Kenny Young taking over for him next year:
He's done everything right this year, coming in as a freshman, its hard, especially in this conference. He's done a great job.

On how much he talks to him during a game:
All the time, but I mainly talk to him in practice. He listens to me and applies himself. He's going to be a great player.

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