Smith to Visit L.A. -- but First USC

NOV. 26 -- The nation's #2-ranked outside linebacker, Roquan Smith, surprised many with the plans to visit USC, while he still says he'll visit UCLA...

Montezuma (Ga.) four-star linebacker Roquan Smith is capable of making explosive moves on the football, but could he make an explosive move on the recruiting trail?

Smith scheduled an official visit to USC Nov. 28, which, to most following his recruitment, is a surprise. Although USC is rarely mentioned as a school of interest for Smith in interviews, Friday will be the second time he visits Los Angeles.

“I’ll be up there Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” said Smith. “I was up there over the summer and met the coaches. I saw the school and everything, so it was nice being in L.A.

“The staff has been on me ever since I was out there. I’ve been thinking about the trip, and I can see myself being out there. I need to check out the program as a whole and hang out with some of the players.

“I want to see how they act, how they come together as a family. This visit is to find out more about football.”

USC, Smith says, has bee prioritizing him.
“Back when they offered me, the coaches said that I was a priority for the staff at linebacker and that there wouldn’t be a better time to come in,” said Smith. “They think I can come in and fight for an opportunity to play early.”

Smith is being recruited by USC as a WILL linebacker at 6-foo-2, 205-pounds. As a standout performer at The Opening last summer, Smith proved to be as good at covering receivers out of the offensive backfield as the defensive backs participating at the prestigious event.

Between his trip to Los Angeles last summer and his participation at The Opening, Smith has no reservations about playing college football on the West Coast.

“It’s whatever it takes to be successful,” said Smith. “I’m visiting USC, and I’m going to visit UCLA, but I don’t have a date for them yet.”

While UCLA has been in the conversation for Smith’s signature since last summer, USC’s addition to his official schedule is new.

“USC was never really out of it with me,” said Smith. “They just came along later in the process — or I would say later on because I started getting recruited in the 10th grade.

“The didn’t offer me until the summer of this year. It was kind of late, but they made up for it.”

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