Marshall on UCLA, USC

NOV. 26 -- Long Beach (Calif.) Poly five-star cornerback Iman Marshall advances in the CIF playoffs and checks out the USC vs. UCLA game in the Rose Bowl. We spoke to the very animated Jackrabbit after the emotional win against the Crespi...

Friday night Long Beach Poly All-American Iman Marshall helped the Jackrabbits defeated Crespi 44-27 in the Pac-5 Division quarterfinal.

"Man, we already knew we were going to come up in here and defeat 'em," Marshall said after the victory. "We had it in our mindset. We got off a little slow in the beginning, but we came together as a team, understood what we wanted and we made it happen."

Marshall found himself in several successful one-on-one situations with another elite prospect, Crespi's four-star athlete Marvell Tell.

"I'm the best. You gotta stop me, you gotta stop me," Marshall said. "So that is what I did, I went out there and balled, did what I needed to do and made it happen."

With Crespi's offense keeping the ball on the ground the majority of the time, Marshall shifted from cornerback to safety where he could inflict the maximum impact on defense.

"I told you I am Superman, that's what they called me," he said. "So I just came out there and did what I had to do and made it happen, that's all."

Iman Marshall's huge hit against Crespi

With another win under his belt Friday, Marshall was shifting his attention to Saturday night in the Rose Bowl where the Bruins were hosting the Trojans.

As far as rooting interest goes, Marshall wouldn't pick a side, but he was wearing UCLA gloves on the field against Crespi.

"I gave them away," Marshall said. "I had them and I gave them to somebody, I don't know where they are at but I am going to get some more tomorrow," he said. "They are my Superman gloves, I touched them so they are Superman gloves."

Heading into the game, Marshall kept his feelings about USC and UCLA very diplomatic.

"I just want to see a well-fought-out fight and see two great teams go after it and see great coaches go after each other as well."

UCLA defeated USC 38-20, but before the game Marshall wasn't putting much significance on the outcome as far as his college decision is concerned.

"A lot of people have been asking me that and it doesn't really matter what the outcome is," he said. "It will be whatever the best decision is for me, the best decision for my family and the best decision for my future, that is pretty much it."

Both schools' secondary coaches have been keeping in contact with Marshall.

"I talked to (USC Coach) Steve Heyward and to (UCLA Coach) Demetrius Martin earlier this week," he said. "They just talked to me about the game and stuff like that, about them getting well prepared and how they would come out there with a mean streak on."

Another top prospects Marshall is tight with is five-star Scottsdale (Ariz.) Saguaro wide receiver Christian Kirk, who is also considering UCLA and USC, as well as ASU.

"That's my boy, you already know, we go way back two years ago and stuff like that," he said. "I always got him in mind, shout out to my boy, I love that dude. We do discuss [going to the same school], but at the end of the day he is going to have to do what is best for him and his situation and I am going to have to do what is best for me and my situation."

With the high school season winding down Marshall knows he wants to schedule visits, he just doesn't have anything mapped out quite yet.

"I just got cleared so I am going to take my visits as soon as possible," he said. "Probably most likely I am going to try and take one next week and do what I gotta do. I don't know where. I might hit up Notre Dame but I don't know right now."

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