VIDEO: Hundley Talks on Stanford's Defense

NOV. 26 --...And he discusses how the UCLA offense, and the OL, has continued to improve through the season...

Brett Hundley answered questions during Stanford week.

On if he watched the USC game:
Yeah, I got to watch it and analyze it. It was a good game. We had some mistakes but at the same time, I think we played a complete game, all four quarters and we worked past the mistakes and kept fighting.

On if the offense is at the point where a few mistakes won't hurt it:
Yeah, I think its all about the confidence you build up. We felt that confidence. If there is a mistake, we still understand that if we do our job, we'll still score.

On the pass protection:
They've done such a great job, such a great job. Not only pass protection but run blocking. I give credit to them. Our offense really works. They're doing a heck of a job and have been all season, obviously led by Jake, the best center in the country.

On if he feels more comfortable in the pocket:
I've felt secure all season. But at the same time, they're protecting for us and doing whatever they're asked to do.

On what he saw on the pick-six:
Throw it a little higher.

On what they need to do against Stanford:
We have to play our game and not make it bigger than it is. Its another big game for us but at the same time, we have to treat it like any other game. They play football, a big physical team and they're great at it.

On if he has to change his throws because of Stanford's height on the defensive line:
Not really. As a quarterback, you don't change how you throw the ball, you go out there and sling it.

On how he deals with a spy on him:
You always try to exploit the defense if they have a spy. There are things we'll be able to use that will keep them honest. I knew when I was going to run, there would be someone there, so I picked it up.

On if he thinks about the teams he hasn't beaten before:
I think we've done a lot, and hopefully we can pull out this win on Friday. You can't worry about what you have done and haven't done, so you have to focus on the present.

On if there is anything that Stanford does differently:
They're really good at what they dude and very smart and get at it.

On if a short week is helpful after a rivalry game:
It is what it is. Its a short week and we did get a big win, but at the same time, we have to focus here and get ready for Stanford.

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