VIDEO: Mazzone on Stanford Defense

Nov. 25 -- Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about the physicality of Stanford's defense...

On what is challenging about the Stanford defense:
What isn't challenging about the Stanford defense? Since I've been in this league, we've always had a rough time against them. They have a tough scheme, their front seven is built to stop the run. And because of what they do offensively, there is such a premium on possessions. Its not like playing tempo teams, with 18 possessions. Here, you have to keep yourself on the field so to me, third down is a huge deal with these guys.

On if he's got more confidence in the passing game with the way the OL is playing:
Yeah, but you have to remember, the last two times we played them, we were playing with a makeshift offensive line against a really good defensive front. So just from how our kids have played the last couple weeks. It doesn't matter how comfortable I am, because they don't hit me, they hit Brett. So i'm more concerned with how comfortable Brett is. When they sack him, I just flinch. He's the guy who has to get off the ground.

On what Stanford's defense does that has led to some offensive struggles:
That's who they are. They don't give up a lot of big plays. They make you drive the football. At some point they'll get you for a tackle for a loss. You'll get behind the sticks and then its hard. They do a really good job. Its going to be a heck of a challenge.

On if he thought before the season that Paul Perkins would be the conference's leading rusher:
Since I've been here, we've liked to run the football. I'm proud of Paul and the kids up front and the job they've done.

On the challenges of a Friday game after Thanksgiving:
Distractions are only distractions if you allow them to be. Short week, Friday afternoon game. Our kids have spent a month in San Bernardino. They can handle anything. You have to speed up your preparation a little bit because you're 24-hours short.

On if third down conversions could affect their early down play calling:
No, it will still be as shitty as it always is.

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