VIDEO: Ulbrich on Stanford O-Line

Nov. 27 -- Defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich talks about the challenges of facing Stanford's big offensive line...

On Stanford's offense:
Physical, big. The only thing is a little different is they're a little more diverse. They'll pass a little more than they have in the past. Their motto still is their physical run game and when it comes down to it, that's what you've gotta stop.

On what the loss of Ty Montgomery means:
He does a lot of things for them, he's their Wildcat guy, their jet sweep guy. We're preparing for him to play and if he doesn't I'm sure they'll have another guy in that role.

On numerous running backs for Stanford instead of a primary back:
Its tough. Because each guy has his own particular style. At the same time, not one guy is carrying the load. You have a fresher body in there. That can be very effective in their offense. In the NFL, when we had those tandem backs, at the end of the day, it improves your rushing game so its a great challenge.

On the challenge of a short week:
Just no sleep on Sunday and Monday. We lost 24 hours but we made up for it and put the time in to establish the scheme we wanted. We're on the rhythm of our normal week now. We really emphasize to do what it takes to get your body back, extra ice tubs, eating well, getting your sleep. They understand whats at stake and see it now. There is a heightened sense of urgency to take care of your business.

On Stanford's jumbo package:
There are some personnel things but its a mindset, being prepared for a physical game, a tough game, and our guys relish that. What an opportunity to show their toughness.

On how much tougher the defense is now:
I never questioned their toughness: As they gain a better understanding of what they're trying to do, they gain their toughness.

On if the game is slowing down for Kenny Young:
Yeah, and that's true for anyone. It will happen for EK next year in the NFL the more he plays. We're finding more opportunities to get him on the grass. I don't know that we want him off the grass.

On Owa's emergence the last few games:
He's such an intelligent kid and wants to do everything right, so its finding that balance and just letting it rip sometimes. And he's really starting to lean towards letting it rip.

On what he's most thankful for:
My wife and kids and their health. THe opportunity to come to work with these kids every day. Its an amazing group, humble, hard working, it makes this job fun.

On Kenny Clark and Eddie Vanderdoes:
Its one thing to understand your assignment and the inches within your assignments and that's what separates the good and great ones and they're starting to identify that and its great to see that. They always had the physical tools and now their mind is catching up. They're good ones, as good as I've been around.

On if their defensive performance against USC helps going in to Stanford:
Yeah, for sure. I think our guys are really starting to gain an understanding of who they are and who they want to be and thats a powerful thing.

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