VIDEO: Payton On Extra Motivation

NOV. 28 -- Receiver Jordan Payton talked not only about being motivated by Stanford but the opportunities for UCLA...

Jordan Payton talked to the media the week of the Stanford game.

On a short week:
I think you've just got to use that day off and get yourself back and mentally prepared. Its nothing we're not used to. We had a good day, I felt pretty good.

On if there is more motivation for Stanford:
I don't know, every week it seems like there is some different type of motivation. The motivation is to win. If that doesn't motivate you, I don't know what will. Winning, with whats at stake and in our grasp. We understand we haven't won the last three matchups, or I don't know how long, but they're a great team obviously and I can't wait to get after it.

On what makes them difficult:
They're always disciplined and tackle well and do what they're told and its hard to beat a team like that. You have to outplay them, outtackle them, out smart them. Execute on cylinders.

On if this is the best defense they'll play this year:
Its very stout and disciplined and they play extremely good ball on defense. They're athletic and they get after it. Our offense is competing at a high pace.

On Devin Lucien's touchdown against USC:
Its great for him. Hard work pays off. For him to get it on that play is amazing and a test to who he is and what kind of character he has on and off the field. He's been fighting on and off the field and for him to fight through it shows what we're about and all of us were so proud and happy for him.

On their physicality:
I think thats what we preach over here, to be physical. Stanford is definitely a physical defense. We understand they'll try to stop it. Not to take anything away from USC.

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