VIDEO: Jefferson on Stanford's Offense

Nov. 26 -- Senior safety Anthony Jefferson talks about the challenges of facing a run-oriented scheme...

Anthony Jefferson talks Stanford:

On Stanford's passing game:
They like to be real precise with passing. Not too many big throws but he will lock on to targets at time and he will take shots every now and then. Predominantly, they like to run.

On Ty Montgomery:
I remember he was real explosive in kickoff and punt return so that is one thing that we're going to have to keep an eye on. In the passing game, I think he had a couple catches. He adds more production in special teams.

On Stanford running play action:
When you run as much as they do, the play action is what you have to key in to. Especially in run formation. You have to play your technique and have great eyes.

On how his role changes against this offense:
It means everybody has to come up and make tackles and make plays in the run game. Everyone has to stay in their gaps, have great contain on the outside and make sure they tackle when have the opportunities.

On losing a day of preparation:
I think the biggest thing is making sure we get our bodies right and have a great week of preparation.

On what they've learned from previous games against Stanford:
We have to eliminate the big plays. I think last year, they had a big play on a touchdown pass. We have to contain the run and bring it on first down.

On controlling their emotions with what's at stake:
I don't think it will be an issue this week because we know what's at stake. I think everyone's mindset is right.

On if the big plays by Stanford are set up by their run game:
Sometimes, but you have to have great eyes against the play action.

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