VIDEO: Vanderdoes on Cardinal Offense

Nov. 27 -- Defensive tackle Eddie Vanderdoes talks about the strength of Stanford's offensive line and running backs...

Eddie Vanderdoes on Stanford:

On the Stanford running game:
They have a very aggressive offensive line, great running backs, great quarterback, it will be physical.

On if they're finding a rhythm on the ground:
Yeah, definitely. Watching the first couple games on film, they were out of a sync a little but the last 3-4 games, they've found their way so it will be a great game.

On their effectiveness in stopping the run:
We're doing our jobs, filling the gaps.

On if there was anything specifically they did against USC:
We did our jobs. We just did our jobs.

On the challenge of a short week:
Bouncing back right away, we'll come back and we know what to do.

On controlling their emotions with what's at stake:
To be honest, we're not worried about that, we'll just keep doing what we've been doing the last half of the season.

On what he's most thankful for this week:
Having an opportunity to play Stanford.

On the comfort with the defensive line:
We've always been comfortable up front. The bond we have with each other, we know we'll do each job. We stay in our gaps, stay in our fits, play aggressive, we'll be fine.

On the difference in Stanford's running backs:
Sanders is more a finesse back, a guy who wants to bounce out and the other backs are more physical.

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