VIDEO: Perkins on Going Against Stanford

Nov. 26 -- UCLA running back Paul Perkins talks about facing the Cardinal's formidable defense...

Paul Perkins talked briefly during Stanford week.

On a short week:
Its kind of an adjustment losing a day, but like Coach Mora emphasizes, we stay on schedule.

On Stanford's front compared to others:
They're big up front. They do the same as a lot of teams we've seen before.

On the running game against USC:
Whenever they have to account for me, it makes it easier for Brett and the other receivers.

On if USC was keyed in on the run:
Yeah, a little bit.

On if there is more motivation for Stanford:
We just got out there and play football.

On if he's looking at the Pac-12 rushing yards:
Everyone tells me about it, my mom calls me about it. She called me after. She keeps my stats more than I do.

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