VIDEO: Mora on Wednesday

Coach Jim Mora has a few short comments on the last full practice day before the Stanford game Friday...

Opening statement:
Short week but a really good week of preparation. I thought they did a great job on Sunday coming back and getting refocused on Stanford and it was reflected in the way we practiced. We'll come out here tomorrow morning and get another one in and head up to the Rose Bowl.

On if there was any difference in the short week:
We just followed our normal schedule and moved everything up a bit. At this age, these guys recover quickly. I wouldn't recover as quickly, NFL guys don't recover as quickly. But 18-19-20-21 year olds recover quickly. They got back on it and I was impressed with that.

On what Eric Kendricks means to the defense:
Not just to this defense but to this team. The heart he plays with and the consistency he plays with. He's just an inspirational guy to everybody. He comes out here every day and works his butt off. Through the offseason, he's our most consistent worker and wins the awards in the offseason. He's a machine out there, he's a great player.

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