VIDEO: Ulbrich on Defensive Issues

Nov. 28 -- Defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich talks about the inability to effectively pressure Kevin Hogan...

On how tough playing a game like that against Stanford:
Its brutal. A lot of credit to them. They came out and did what they wanted to do. Thats been their identity and they've been very successful with it. I have to find a better way, more answers for the guys, to get off the field.

On if fatigue was a factor:
I think it became a factor. The fact that we couldn't get off the field, the plays definitely started to pile up. We have to do a better job all-around. I have to find a way to make better calls.

On the difficulties in developing a pass rush against Stanford:
We never got them out of their running game. When their running game is a viable threat at all times, when they're winning games, they don't mind running on 3rd and 7. It slows down your pass rush. And when we get there, we have to bring them down. A few times, we didn't finish the sack.

On how much of a setback it is:
Its frustrating. I'm most disappointed for my seniors. These guys are the catalysts for turning the program around. Three nine-win seasons in a row hasn't been done. They've helped change the culture. For them to go out this way, that's for me the biggest disappointment. I would have loved for them to go out on top and to play Oregon again. But they don't and we're all crushed.

On if they bought in to its just another game:
We had a great week of preparation. Had we let off the throttle and attention to detail wasn't there, I might have said that, but that wasn't there. Our execution was the problem. Technical stuff, not schematic stuff.

On if it was bad habits:
I don't know if it was bad habits, but its disappointing to have technical setbacks. Its disappointing, they're disappointing.

On Stanford's physicality being a problem:
They're a physical team, you have to give them a lot of credit. When they get up early like that, they're not forced in to situations where they have to stretch the field. They can stay three tight ends, two backs and pound the rock. They're dangerous and that's what they're built on. You have to give them credit.

On Kevin Hogan:
He broke tackles, extended plays, kept his eyes down field. He found that guy. We could have helped more and provided different stunts.

On Eric Kendricks:
He is the heart and soul. I don't know if just the defense, I would argue he's the heart and soul of this team. What he says is gold, he leads by example and being that same guy every day. Not just on Saturdays, but Sunday-Friday. He's been a great example and makes our job easier and is a good example of what its supposed to look like. I've been honored to coach him and enjoyed every moment with him.

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