VIDEO: Mazzone on Offensive Performance

Nov. 28 -- Offensive coordinator Noel MAzzone talks about the lack of consistent production on Friday against Stanford...

On what happened after the first drive:
Its football, everytime you don't play well, its execution. You have to make some plays when they're there, which we had been doing. Its pretty disappointing. You play a team like that, its a big premium on possessions, because you know you won't get a whole lot. The hard thing, which is my fault, is having the patience, especially in our style of offense, when you play against a team like that.

On Hundley's growth:
I think, with Troy Aikman here today, his legacy will go down as one of the best quarterbacks to come out of UCLA. Awesome guy to coach. Everything you want, not just physically, but mentally. What he has meant might be overlooked because of todays game, but the foundation he laid and what the expectations are of these programs, he's been instrumental in that. In three years, he's won 28 games, set numerous records, and done everything we've asked him to do. I feel bad for him that we couldn't go out today and with the rest playing better and coaching better on offense.

On his struggles against Stanford:
They kind of got us the last couple of years. They're a good defense. That's been one of the top ten defenses in the country since I've been in this league and they do a good job. They make you be a patient offense. We weren't today.

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