VIDEO: Kendricks on Defensive Performance

Nov. 29 -- Senior linebacker Eric Kendricks talks about the feeling in the locker room after losing to Stanford...

Eric Kendricks after Stanford:

On trying to look forward to a bowl game:
I'm going to hurt for a while on this one. I think we all are. We'll get back to the film, correct what we made mistakes on. Get ready for this bowl game.

On Kevin Hogan:
He's a tough guy, he runs the ball well, he's a lot more athletic than people give him credit for.

On the locker room postgame:
Everyone was pretty sad as you imagine.

On being the all-time tackle leader:
I wanted to win the game, that was more important for me.

On the emotion coming in:
We had a great week of preparation, we were ready and excited for the game. Ready to play on this Friday day. Hats off to Stanford's offense and their defense played well.

On the fatigue in the second half:
Fatigue wasn't an issue or a factor. We're in very good shape. Everyone has been running for a while. Fatigue wasn't a factor.

On what they need to do to get over the hump:
We have to finish games like these and make them count. If we had won that game, we'd be talking differently. Unfortunately, we didn't.

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