VIDEO: Jack on Rising to Occasion

Nov. 29 -- Sophomore linebacker Myles Jack talks about the team not being ready to break through into the elite...

Myles Jack after Stanford:

On the mood in the locker room:
It was more sadness for the seniors, not being able to go out with a win on their last time playing in the Rose Bowl. Some were in tears, some were quiet. Its their last time playing in the Rose Bowl and that's how they went out. Its sad.

On getting over Stanford and Oregon:
I don't know what it is. We have to play a complete game. We came out, got on them early, energy was up and then from then on, it was mellow. We have to continue going. We can't be like a roller coaster.

On if it was hard to get up for Stanford after USC:
No, not by any means. There was more to play for after the win. Everyone knows what we are playing for. There was for sure more to play for. Stanford got us. They're a great team. They were better today.

On what he's learned from Eric Kendricks:
Just playing throughout the game. He's always going. You'll never see a lull in his game. He's always vocal. The same guy every day. As a young guy, thats hard to do. He's seen it all, the ups and downs of the program. He knows how to stay steady. I'm going to miss playing with him, but I've got one more game with him. What he brings to the game, he's a great player.

On how shocking the loss was:
Not so much shocking, more disappointing. We knew what we had at stake. The energy was there. We knew what was to come. We just didn't execute today, we knew what we had to do, we just didn't execute. Stanford is a great team and they just had us.

On if it felt like a Pac-12 championship season or bust:
For sure, that was one of our goals, to get into the Pac-12 championship and from there, control our destiny. We wanted to be one of the Oregon's or Stanford's. We thought this was one of our years, but I guess not.

On what the next step is:
Recuperate, win our bowl game and come back next year. Step away from the expectations and go back to the UCLA team that is nitty gritty. The one no one talked about and was up and coming. Not worry about expectations and what others say, but worry about ourselves. And I think that's what helped us in the winning streak. You guys went away, and it was just us and it was beautiful and that's when we started winning.

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