Scout College Football Top 30- Week Fifteen

Dec. 9 -- The top 30 teams in college football after Week Fifteen...

 #1 Alabama Crimson Tide
Record: (12-1)Pts.: 613Last Wk.: 1Trend: --
Alabama rolled through Missouri to the SEC title and now Nick Saban gets Urban Meyer in the Sugar Bowl.
Next Opponent: Ohio State- Sugar Bowl
 #2 Oregon Ducks
Record: (12-1) Pts.: 608Last Wk.: 3Trend: 1
The Ducks offense has been the story all year, but in the Pac-12 Championship Game, it was the defense. They'll need another effort like that against Florida State in the Rose Bowl.
Next Opponent: Florida State- Rose Bowl
 #3 Florida State Seminoles
Record: (13-0) Pts.: 603Last Wk.: 2Trend: 1
The Noles can't let a game go by without a little drama and the ACC Championship Game was much the same. So was the result, a win, which Florida State seems to always do.
Next Opponent: Oregon- Rose Bowl
 #4 TCU Horned Frogs
Record: (11-1)Pts.: 557Last Wk.: 4Trend: --
The Horned Frogs overwhelmed Iowa State but it didn't matter to the committee, so to the Peach Bowl they go.
Next Opponent: Ole Miss- Peach Bowl
 #5 Ohio State Buckeyes
Record: (12-1)Pts.: 532Last Wk.: 6Trend: 1
No way to deny that what Ohio State did to Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship game, with their third-string quarterback, was one of the most impressive performances of any team this season.
Next Opponent: Alabama- Sugar Bowl
 #6 Baylor Bears
Record: (11-1)Pts.: 543Last Wk.: 5Trend: 1
The Bears did their part against Kansas State and had the momentum for the Big 12's spot in the playoffs, but not enough momentum to pass Ohio State.
Next Opponent: Michigan State- Cotton Bowl
 #7 Michigan State Spartans
Record: (10-2)Pts.: 492Last Wk.: 7Trend: --
The Spartans are back in a major bowl for the second straight year and their defense against Baylor's offense will be a fascinating one.
Next Opponent: Baylor- Cotton Bowl
 #8 Mississippi State Bulldogs
Record: (10-2)Pts.: 429Last Wk.: 10Trend: 2
The Bulldogs are in their best bowl game in years and a matchup with Georgia Tech should be an intriguing one.
Next Opponent: Georgia Tech- Orange Bowl
 #9 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
Record: (10-3)Pts.: 410Last Wk.: 12Trend: 3
The Jackets pushed the Noles, but not enough to get past them, and they'll settle for the Orange Bowl, which was probably where they were headed anyway, win or lose in the ACC title game.
Next Opponent: Mississippi State- Orange Bowl
 #10 Mississippi Rebels
Record: (9-3)Pts.: 333Last Wk.: 14Trend: 4
Ole Miss will end their season in Atlanta, the same place they started it, with a chance at 10 wins and a potential top 5 ranking.
Next Opponent: TCU- Peach Bowl
 #11 Arizona Wildcats
Record: (10-3)Pts.: 465Last Wk.: 8Trend: 3
Oregon solved their Arizona problem but the consolation prize for the Wildcats is the Fiesta Bowl, which no one would have predicted before the season.
Next Opponent: Boise State- Fiesta Bowl
 #12 Kansas State Wildcats
Record: (9-3)Pts.: 444Last Wk.: 9Trend: 3
The Wildcats missed out on a share of the Big 12 title but still have a chance at 10 wins if they can beat UCLA in the Alamo Bowl.
Next Opponent: UCLA- Alamo Bowl
 #13 Georgia Bulldogs
Record: (9-3)Pts.: 318Last Wk.: 15Trend: 2
Two weeks ago, there was thought Georgia could make a run into the playoffs. Instead, their season will end in Charlotte.
Next Opponent: Louisville- Belk Bowl
 #14 UCLA Bruins
Record: (9-3)Pts.: 279Last Wk.: 16Trend: 2
While they missed out on a shot at a New Years Six Bowl with their Stanford loss, the Alamo Bowl is their best bowl in 15 seasons.
Next Opponent: Kansas State- Alamo Bowl
 #15 Arizona State Sun Devils
Record: (9-3)Pts.: 277Last Wk.: 17Trend: 2
There will be plenty of Sun in El Paso when the Sun Devils play in the Sun Bowl.
Next Opponent: Duke- Sun Bowl
 #16 Wisconsin Badgers
Record: (10-3)Pts.: 425Last Wk.: 11Trend: 5
So much for Wisconsin having an advantage against Ohio State and their third-string quarterback.
Next Opponent: Auburn- Outback Bowl
 #17 Missouri Tigers
Record: (10-3)Pts.: 372Last Wk.: 13Trend: 4
Missouri hung with Alabama for a while before just being out-talented, but Orlando isn't a bad landing spot for a bowl game.
Next Opponent: Minnesota- Citrus Bowl
 #18 Auburn Tigers
Record: (8-4)Pts.: 264Last Wk.: 19Trend: 1
While the Outback is a step down from the title game a year ago, the Tigers just need to remind themselves of where they stood in 2012 and it won't be so bad.
Next Opponent: Wisconsin- Outback Bowl
 #19 Clemson Tigers
Record: (9-3)Pts.: 232Last Wk.: 20Trend: 1
Clemson against Oklahoma in the Brent VenaBOWL is one of the juicier storylines, but the question is how does Clemson's offense do without Chad Morris.
Next Opponent: Oklahoma- Russell Athletic Bowl
 #20 Louisville Cardinals
Record: (9-3)Pts.: 220Last Wk.: 21Trend: 1
Another former defensive coordinator at the other school bowl with Todd Grantham now running the Cardinals defense.
Next Opponent: Georgia- Belk Bowl
 #21 Boise State Broncos
Record: (11-2)Pts.: 178Last Wk.: 22Trend: 1
For the third time since 2006, Boise State is headed to the Fiesta Bowl, where they've had some serious success.
Next Opponent: Arizona- Fiesta Bowl
 #22 LSU Tigers
Record: (8-4)Pts.: 177Last Wk.: 23Trend: 1
LSU against Notre Dame is actually an intriguing bowl game. But will Les Miles still be on the Tigers sideline?
Next Opponent: Notre Dame- Music City Bowl
 #23 Utah Utes
Record: (8-4)Pts.: 128Last Wk.: 24Trend: 1
Utah played in the Vegas Bowl as a Mountain West team, but now return as a Pac-12 team against a school without a head coach.
Next Opponent: Colorado State- Las Vegas Bowl
 #24 Nebraska Cornhuskers
Record: (9-3)Pts.: 122Last Wk.: 25Trend: 1
Speaking of being without a coach, the Huskers will have an interim coach when they take on USC in the Holiday Bowl.
Next Opponent: USC- Holiday Bowl
 #25 USC Trojans
Record: (8-4)Pts.: 99Last Wk.: 27Trend: 2
The Trojans will play in the Holiday Bowl for the first time in school history and the drive to San Diego shouldn't be a tough one.
Next Opponent: Nebraska- Holiday Bowl
 #26 Minnesota Golden Gophers
Record: (8-4)Pts.: 105Last Wk.: 26Trend: --
The Gophers are playing in a good, real life New Year's Day bowl and Jerry Kill continues to reshape the Gopher program.
Next Opponent: Missouri- Citrus Bowl
 #27 Oklahoma Sooners
Record: (8-4)Pts.: 267Last Wk.: 18Trend: 9
For a team picked by many to be a legitimate playoff squad, the Russell Athletic Bowl is surely a disappointment for the Sooners.
Next Opponent: Clemson- Russell Athletic Bowl
 #28 Duke Blue Devils
Record: (9-3)Pts.: 54Last Wk.: 29Trend: 1
Duke gets another good bowl game under David Cutcliffe, the third time Coach Cut has the Blue Devils bowling, something they did once in the previous 20 seasons.
Next Opponent: Arizona State- Sun Bowl
 #29 Marshall Thundering Herd
Record: (12-1)Pts.: 65Last Wk.: 28Trend: 1
The Herd lost their unbeaten season against Western Kentucky but bounced back to win the Conference USA title.
Next Opponent: Northern Illinois- Boca Raton Bowl
 #30 Cincinnati Bearcats
Record: (9-3)Pts.: 37Last Wk.: NRTrend: NEW
Cincinnati won a share of the American and a piece of their fifth conference title in seven seasons.
Next Opponent: Virginia Tech- Military Bowl
Colorado State 26, Northern Illinois 26, Memphis 24, Arkansas 18, Stanford 13, BYU 5, West Virginia 5, Georgia Southern 4, Air Force 4, UCF 2

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