VIDEO: Mora on Starting Bowl Practice

Dec. 12 -- Coach Jim Mora said the team is still getting over the sting of the Stanford loss, and talks about Eric Kendricks getting the Butkus Award...

Opening statement:
We had a good practice this morning. That was our first formal practice. We didn't do anything but generic work. We didn't work on Kansas State. Tomorrow will be another generic practice, UCLA vs. UCLA. Then they have finals next week and we'll take the week off, then we'll come back next Saturday and start in earnest on Kansas State. We'll do all of our install before Christmas break. So we'll have a normal game week of Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and they'll go home for a few days, then come back the 27th, fly down to San Antonio on the 28th, have a workout then the 29th, 30th, 31st and 1st will be like a typical game week. It actually works out very well for us. The schedule is outstanding.

On taking off finals week:
It works out well in a lot of ways, they get off finals week, which they need, because they need to work on their academics. Two, they get a chance to go home for Christmas, that's important time with their families. Then we get two four-day windows to prepare and I think it serves us well.

On playing in a bowl on January 2nd:
It worked out. The 1st or 2nd or the 12th, those would have all been good.

On where they are compared to where they thought they'd be:
The season is not over so I haven't had a chance to reflect. The minute the regular season was over, we jumped right into recruiting.

On Brett Hundley:
He's done a lot. He's helped us win a lot of games, set a lot of records, helped us build an excitement around this program. I think this last game is very important for him and his legacy and hopefully he goes out on a high note.

On the importance of a 10th win to the players:
I haven't seen my players since the day after the Stanford game. It was a quick practice.

On the effects of the Stanford loss:
That one needed to hurt. That one needed to hurt. You have a 24-hour rule because you have to get on to the next game. That one still hurts. That one won't go away. It will never go away. It had a huge impact on what we're trying to achieve. if you fail, it should hurt. That's what I want them to understand.

On if they watched the film:
You always look at the film. Whether you win or lose, you played well or poorly. There is always something to be learned.

On Eric Kendricks winning the Butkus Award:
Isn't it fantastic, Butkus, then USA Today, Walter Camp All-American. It verifies the kind of player he is and more important, the type of person he is. The type of leader and what he means to the university. You talk about leaving a legacy, its the Butkus, I mean, it's the Heisman Trophy for linebackers. It was amongst his goals. I thought the reaction of his teammates was really telling of him and the admiration they have for him. I'm so happy for him because he works so hard. A shining example of what a student-athlete should be.

On if he's seen Kendricks that emotional:
Yeah, he gets emotional after every game. He's an emotional young man.

On where that morning ranks:
Well I wasn't here. I was recruiting. We sent Jeff Ulbrich. I can tell you this, Scott Quessenberry said it was a moment he'll never forget and the most memorable of his life so far.

On selling the Butkus Award while recruiting:
We've used it. It was on the plane with us for a couple of days. We took it out of his hands and took it on the plane.

On Zach Whitley:
He is currently on our team. There was never confusion with us. There haven't been changes.

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