VIDEO: Jefferson on Starting Back Up

Dec. 12 -- Defensive back Anthony Jefferson talked about the meaning of the Alamo Bowl after the loss to Stanford, and possibly returning for a sixth year...

Anthony Jefferson answered questions from the media Monday.

On what they've done since Stanford:
Just working out and staying in shape for the game coming up. Today was our first practice and our first action getting back on the field. Great timing, you have to love the rain.

On Kansas State:
We haven't really watched too much film, but I know they're like a powerhouse with a pretty good quarterback.

On Stanford:
We've put it away. That's old news. We're looking forward to Kansas State at this point.

On if he'll put in for a sixth-year:
I haven't thought about it too much. I'm taking my last class and after this, I'm done.

On thinking about it being his last game:
I don't think it's hit me yet, it will in San Antonio, but right now, not yet.

On Eric Kendricks winning the Butkus:
I was right there and that was a great moment. He's deserving. An underappreciated guy. That was a great moment for him.

On Kendricks getting emotional:
That was great man, and shows how much passion he has. Being overlooked and an underdog. Work doesn't go unnoticed and that was a great moment for him.

On the importance of the Alamo Bowl:
It will be a great way to go out. No one wants to go out with a loss. A 10-win season would be a good note. Knowing we got a win in our last game in a UCLA uniform.

On the program since he arrived:
It's been a complete difference. Its evident in the way we play. It comes with time. A lot of guys matured and the guys that have been here, we brought in the new guys and showed them how it works. Its a gradual thing and it's getting better.

On Demetrice Martin:
He's huge. I think he's one of the best defensive coaches out there. He's an awesome coach.

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