VIDEO: Kendricks on Winning Butkus Award

Dec. 12 -- Senior linebacker Eric Kendricks talks about how meaningful it was to win the Butkus Award...

Eric Kendricks on winning Butkus Award:

On winning the Butkus Award:
It was pretty surreal but starting to sink in. It was fun and I was totally shocked. I'm happy I'm the winner.

On where he's keeping it:
Right next to my bed, right where I can reach and touch it. Its real. It has my name on it and everything.

On UCLA using it for recruiting:
Man, its awesome to have, so we'll show it off a little bit.

On when Dick Butkus walked in:
It was kind of a tricky situation, I didn't realize I'd win the award and meet one of the greatest players ever. I was shy and didn't know how to act. My emotions just took over.

On how rewarding it is:
It was extremely rewarding, all the hard work I put in going unnoticed. I'm not an underdog anymore. It was pretty cool.

On sharing the moment with his teammates:
I wouldn't have had it any other way. People I worked hard with, who helped me earn that award. My brothers were right there with me to celebrate.

On the defense progressing under Jeff Ulbrich:
We had to count on each other and learn to trust one another. Once we started doing that, we started having fun. It became a fun aspect and became a lot more fun.

On if he's reflecting yet:
I'm starting to. Its hard not to. I started looking back on my career. Its almost over here. Just a couple more practices. I've loved my time here and will continue to have fun with my teammates.

On his draft stock:
I wasn't too worried about that, I knew if I handled business here, it would take care of itself.

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