VIDEO: Payton on Preparing for Kansas State

Dec. 14 -- Junior receiver Jordan Payton talks about potentially putting in for a draft grade and losing Hundley...

Jordan Payton talks about preparing for Kansas State:

On the Stanford loss:
It definitely was a hurtful loss. I think I'm just getting over it today with practice, getting back on the field. It happens, and it's part of the game. We have to correct a lot of things. A successful season, but not the one we had planned. We have a great team coming back. To finish off with a win over Kansas State would be a great thing for the future.

On bouncing back:
After a couple weeks of moping around, I think its time that all of us get back to understanding we have another game to play. The position leaders, its up to us to get everybody back on track.

On bowl prep for last year as opposed to the previous year:
We're doing the same exact things as last year. Our curfew keeps everybody focused. We were tired of losing. We understand the bowl is fun, but its also game time.

On if he'll put in for a draft grade:
I'll sit on and definitely discuss that after the last game.

On playing with Brett Hundley:
I think he's one of the greatest UCLA quarterbacks ever. To be able to play with him and sit here and talk about him and be on the sidelines with him was a tremendous honor for me and something I can tell my family. He's done so much for this school. To beat USC three years in a row. I hate to see him go. But I understand.

On if its tough to fill the expectations Hundley had to:
I think its life. When you're on that big of a stage, CEO's, presidents, if you dont live up to expectations, they look at you like a failure. Brett is a remarkable person and we understand what he did for this university.

On what a win over Kansas State would do:
That would be an amazing thing for us, to beat the No. 11 team in the country and win a big bowl. Its something we're working for. They played perfect football. They don't make many mistakes. It will take one of our best games and we'll be ready for it.

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