VIDEO: Odighizuwa on Final Year

Dec. 16 -- Senior defensive end Owamagbe Odighizuwa talks about playing in his final game as a Bruin...

Owamagbe Odighizuwa talks about his final game:

On preparing for his last game at UCLA:
My career here is something that has been a privilege and an honor to be a Bruin. There have been a lot of ups and downs and a lot of obstacles. Good times and bad times. Its been a great experience for me. To how to handle adversity and be mature in situations, its taught me a lot about a team.

On if he would have done anything differently:
I was fortunate to have some people around me to help me emotionally. The investment that I'm putting in it and the outcome it was going to be for me. There were a lot of rough days. Not seeing how the rehab would benefit me. Having that mindset to do what I can do to the best of my ability.

On being on the radar of NFL scouts:
My thing was to maximize my opportunities. A lot of things didn't go exactly how I liked it, but my mindset was to maximize my shot and whoever was evalauting me would see that. That's just how I approached it. One shot and opportunity to show whoever is watching me I'll be an asset to a team.

On being on track to graduate:
I took care of the academics while I was hurt, took extra classes to make sure I was on track to graduate. I put myself in a good situation.

On how the program has changed:
Its changed a lot. I think the biggest thing is the mindset. We've been very fortunate to have a guy like Coach Mora who's come in and changed the culture and how football is perceived. Thats the biggest thing I can take away. Wins and losses come and go, but being here as a recruit, my goal was to help change and turn the program around. And to see that is awesome. UCLA is close to being back to where it used to be when it had dominant players. You can't take that away.

On the importance of a 10-win season:
It will be important and that's where we're at. To get the program back. It will help the program going forward and help recruiting in a lot of different ways. Being a part of that is huge.

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