VIDEO: Hundley on Hand, Last Game

Dec. 13 -- Quarterback Brett Hundley says that his hand is fine and talks about coming into his final game...

Brett Hundley talks about coming into his final game:

On his finger:
Its coming along. It still has some time it needs to heal, but at the same time, we have some time until the bowl game starts. It was huge. As soon as I hit it on the helmet, you guys could see, the ball was going ways it shouldn't. It got really big to the point you couldn't control it. It was basically a shotput.

On the pain of the Stanford loss:
You have to get tired of losing. There are games you feel like you need to come up with the victory. To come up with a loss, it hurt. And it needs to hurt.

On Kansas State:
I've watched a couple games, started to game plan.

On if its hit him this will be his last game:
Not yet. When you see me break down on the practice field, you'll know, it hit me.

On his legacy at UCLA:
Just the change to the tide of the program. The one thing I stressed when I came here. We weren't in the best of situations three years ago. To change that tide and bring UCLA to a respectable program, to a top 10, top 15 program, it says a lot of what you can do from 2-3 years of playing.

On if this is how he envisioned it:
When you envision it, you envision No. 1 and championship. But we've come so far in this short amount of time. That's something I wanted to do, be a part of something special and help bring UCLA back to where it is today.

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