VIDEO: Players after Loss

Dec. 14 -- Kevon Looney, Bryce Alford, and Isaac Hamilton talk after the 87-74 loss to Gonzaga...

Kevon Looney, Bryce Alford, and Isaac Hamilton:

Bryce Alford
On Gonzaga’s performance:

We’ve got to give credit to them. They play five juniors and seniors, and they’ve been there and done that. (Byron) Wesley is a fifth-year senior and junior college transfer, so he’s got a lot of experience. They are really experienced, and they make their shots early. We dug a hole, and we just couldn’t get out of it.

Isaac Hamilton
On the slow start
Our offense was really stagnant. We had to get the ball moving more. We figured out that they were not helping on the wings, so it left the lanes open. We figured things out late, but we will learn from this.

Kevon Looney
On Gonzaga’s size:
They have a lot of size, and they are really physical. We have not played a team like that all year, but it was fun out there. They ran their offense to a tee. They just don’t miss open shots.

On upcoming game vs. Kentucky:
We don’t have to play perfect. We just have to play better on defense. We can’t get behind teams that are this talented.

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