Wheatley Recaps USC Visit

Dec. 15 -- Tyrone Wheatley four-star jumbo athlete returns from USC this weekend contemplating official visits with Alabama, UCLA, Oregon, Michigan and Miami...

Buffalo (N.Y.) Canisius four-star defensive end Tyrone Wheatley is being recruited by USC as a tight end.

Ironically, Tyrone Wheatley Sr. played with USC tight ends coach Marques Tuiasosopo in Oakland for the Raiders. After unofficially visiting USC in the off season, Wheatley Jr. was back in Los Angeles to see the Trojans football program officially.

This time, he brought his mother on the visit.

“With my dad playing for the Raiders with Coach Tui and his wife knew my mom,” said Wheatley. “It was really nice to see them catching up together too. Coach Tui’s wife and my mom hadn’t see in each in a while.

“With this trip, I go to see everything. From academic meeting to just being with the guys on the team and the coaches. It was really nice. I got to send a lot of time getting to know everyone.”

While rated as the nation’s No. 16 defensive end prospect in the 2015 class with 24 tackles for losses and 10 sacks as a senior, USC is recruiting Wheatley as a tight end.

“We talked a lot about the depth chart and how Bryce (Dixon) is going to be the only guy they have coming back at tight end next year,” said Wheatley. “Tyler (Petite) actually committed the first day I was down here, so now USC is working to get one more guy.

“All three guys they have next season will have to play next year.”

While fellow official visitor Ykili Ross highlighted a very specific moment during the visit, Wheatley remembered the visit for the overall experience.

“I mean, the whole trip was great,” said Wheatley. “Everyone was nice - the entire staff and all of the players. Plus I got to hand out with YK and Roy (Hemsley) during the visit.

“Roy starts school in a couple of weeks and YK is really high on USC, so I was with those guys a lot. My host was Zach Banner, and he showed me around. He was a really good guy and it just made the whole trip great.

“Now I just have to go home and think about.”

After the recruiting dead period Wheatley still plans on taking more official visits before focusing in on a limited number of programs.

“I have a visit set up for Alabama, and then I’ll go to UCLA or Oregon after that” said Wheatley.

However, Wheatley has seen enough from USC to consider the Trojans an options until signing day.

“They offer a tremendous opportunity as a player, but also academically,” said Wheatley. “You know, a USC degree is important and you have a great network of people to depend on after football.

“Just the people I’ll be surrounded by in Los Angeles are great. The staff from top to bottom, whether it be academic support, professors or coaches, are great. You have academics and great people, especially with all of the coaches Sark has brought in with his regime.

“So we’ll see how it goes.”

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