Bruins Picking It Up With Clark

Dec. 16 -- The Rialto (Calif.) Carter defensive lineman, Kyon Clark, could be closing in on an offer from UCLA...

Rialto (Calif.) Carter defensive tackle Kyon Clark (6-1.5, 352), committed to Montana in the fall.

But with the Grizzlies head coach retiring and new interest from UCLA, things could change dramatically for Clark.

“Two weeks ago, Coach (Jim) Mora, Coach Meat (Demetrice Martin) and Coach Brick (Jeff Ulbrich), came by the school,” said Clark. “Last Monday, I came back to school and they were interested in maybe offering me after they watched my senior film. Then last Friday, Coach Angus was on his way to see me. He got stuck in traffic, but he’s going to come back after the dead period.”

Last week, Montana defensive line coach Lawrence Suiaunoa was in Clark’s home.

“At my home visit with Coach Sui, he said he couldn’t lie to me and he said he didn’t know if he’d be there when I got there,” said Clark. “I don’t know if I want to be somewhere the coach recruiting me isn’t going to be.”

So with Montana going through a coaching change, and uncertainty with his position coach, UCLA’s recent push has Clark thinking things will change. And his brother, UCLA defensive lineman Kenny Clark, is motivating him too.

“I was at 380 three months ago and now I’m down to 352. Kenny just said I need to keep dropping weight,” said Clark. “When I started thinking about college, I started dropping weight. And when I’m dropping weight, I think about college. Losing weight has made UCLA more interested. They always said if I lost a lot of weight, I would have a chance to get an offer.”

While the offer hasn’t been extended yet, UCLA has talked about a potential greyshirt, and Clark isn’t opposed to that.

“They’ve talked about a greyshirt, and if that is the case, then that is fine,” said Clark. “But if I greyshirt, then I know Kenny will come back for his senior year for sure because we’d be able to line up together. But I also feel if I keep losing weight, then I wouldn’t have to greyshirt.”

Clark said a UCLA offer, a greyshirt offer or not, would be too difficult to pass up.

“I’ve gotta do what I gotta do if UCLA offers,” said Clark. “I’m familiar with the system and I’m familiar with the players, Kenny is there and it’s close to home.”

Clark said that had UCLA not picked up their interest and had there not been a coaching change at Montana, he would be all Grizzly.

“If UCLA weren’t recruiting me and my coach wasn’t sure if he was coming back, I’d be as solid as ever,” said Clark.

Clark said that in January, he’ll have an in-home visit with UCLA and hopes to take an official visit then.

“They are going to come in for an in-home visit and they want me to take an official visit in January,” said Clark. “And if all goes well, I’ll end up being a Bruin.”

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