VIDEO: Mora on Saturday

Dec. 20 -- Coach Jim Mora talked about Kansas State and some of the injured Bruins Saturday after practice...

Opening statement:
We got started in earnest on Kansas State today. This was really our first work on them and I thought it was a good start. We'll have 8-9 more practices before the game and I expect to get better every day.

On what he's seen from Kansas State:
I like them as a football team. They're big, they're physical, they're fundamentally sound. Defensively, they play with great effort and tackle well. They play a lot of split safety stuff and take away the big plays. Offensively, they're probably a more exotic version of Arizona. Lockett was an all-American. They're patient, they're hard to move. I love their tight end. And its the best special teams unit we'll face all years. Their kickoff coverage team is No. 14 in the country. They're just a really good football team.

On how Lockett compares to other receivers they've faced:
I'm not one for comparisons to other players, but he's a real good player.

On coming back to practice after a long layoff:
Its not quite like the first day of spring practice, but just getting the tempo back up to what we want it to be. I thought they did a pretty good job of it. They came out with good spirits and intentions. Today's practice was longer than a typical in-season practice.

On Brett Hundley's hand:
I think he's ok. Obviously you saw some balls wobble on him. But as he loosens up, he throws better. Aside from the season long injuries, we should have guys at full strength.

On Deon Hollins:
He had a concussion last Saturday in practice in a drill. He and EK ran in to each other and he had a concussion, but he was out here today in a red shirt and doing everything. I believe he passed his concussion protocol but we're going to be a little extra careful since we're two weeks from the game.

On Kenny Orjioke and Johnny Johnson:
They're making progress. You see Johnny out here all the time. We're anxious to get him back in spring. Kenny is a ways a way. Ryan Davis is out here a lot. Cameron Griffin is out here a lot. They're coming a long real well and we haven't had real setbacks. But Kenny is a way's a way.

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