VIDEO: Payton Says KSU Has Great Defense

Dec. 20 -- Receiver Jordan Payton said Kansas State has one of the best defenses they'll face this season, and about overcoming the loss to Stanford and the long layoff...

Jordan Payton talks after practice Saturday.

On Kansas State:
I've watched about a week of them. They're sound. They're one of the best defenses we've played against. They're phyiscal and aggressive. Its definitely exciting to play a team like that you haven't seen before. Its cool to see how they play as a team and have each others back the whole game.

On the long layoff between games:
I think that it brings out your leaders and mature players. Initially, its terrible, it sucks losing. We have a huge opponent coming up. A team like Kansas State can not be taken lightly. They do so many great things on and off the field, offense and defense. We're definitely looking forward to it. Its tough after a loss but we're getting ready.

On the team's mindset:
To win. Losing to Stanford like that its an inside, deep anger. All we want to do is win. Its extremely important to come out here and practice and do well. It will help us for next year to come back and try and get a 10-win season to cap this year off.

On his status for next season:
I'm coming back. There were reports saying I was leaving but I'm coming back. I didn't really even think about leaving to be honest. But I just want to win this game honestly.

On simulating Lockett:
We have scout team that geos against our starting defense. I don't try to simulate anyone. He's an extremely great player. We have scout team guys being Lockett out there.

On how the receivers have come along:
Mossi is becoming a way more mature player. He came in so young and now you look at him and he's playing phenomenal and does everything he's asked to. Its great to see guys mature, like Eldridge. Its great.

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