VIDEO: Adams on How to Defend KSU

Dec. 21 -- Ishmael Adams talked about how to defense Kansas State's offense, and thinks the Wildcats are confident enough in their special teams to allow him to return a kick...

Ishmael Adams talked to the media after practice.

On Kansas State:
They're very explosive and work very well as a unit. They'll try to out-man us. They'll have two-back looks. They do a lot of sweep plays, quarterback run with an option to pass. They're a very dynamic team. Lockett is quick, fast, and gets in and out of his breaks well. Other guys, if you pay too much attention to him, they do a great job of doing their assignments. Often times he gets wide open. They work well as a unit. Its up to us to do a good job of staying put. They're a good team.

On if their offense is similar to anyone:
Similar to Arizona in how they give that run-pass dynamic. A lot of runs will look like passes. They're a good team, very explosive. They pride themselves on being explosive.

On if playing against explosive offenses helps prepare them:
Every week, we play against a team with great explosion, Oregon, Arizona, Arizona State, Utah. We have experience. They're ranked higher than some of those teams. Oregon gave us a good luck and Arizona did as well. Their guy does a great job for them and giving their receivers a chance to make a play. Always getting the ball out on time.

On if the defense is over the Stanford loss:
I think we're just all looking forward. Its all about the next game. You can't do anything about the past. Its just looking forward.

On what kind of challenge Kansas State gives on special teams:
They have a great cover team, averaging 7.7 yards a return and they fly around. They're great with spacing and stay in their lane. It comes down to me making good blocks for my my blockers. It's going to be a fun game.

On if they'll kick to him:
Definitely, I don't see them kicking away from me. I think they pride themselves on kickoffs, like we do. I see great efforts from their team. Its going to be a fun game.

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