VIDEO: Ulbrich on Defensive Readiness

Dec. 21 -- Defensive Coordinator Jeff Ulbrich talked after Sunday's practice about the state of his defense going into the Alamo Bowl against Kansas State...

On Kansas State:
There are a lot of challenges. Its a different offense than we've seen. Tons of formations, tons of personnel groups. A lot of the run pass option stuff. Similar to the Arizona thing, its a run to the pass, a pass till its a run. Forces you to be very disciplined. We have to commit to covering our guys. As long as we do that and rally up front and play with great technique. Its going to be a challenge for us.

On if they have to counter the exotic offense:
A little bit, especially when you get in the quarterback run game. When the quarterback is running the ball, from an X's and O's standpoint, you're out-hatted. Guys are starting to understand.

On what he notices most about Bill Snyder and his team:
The effort they play with. The greatest compliment to a coach is the effort they play with. They go to the ball. Thats a testament to he and his staff.

On Tyler Lockett:
He's a good one. He does everything well. He becomes a matchup problem. He's a guy we have to account for and have some answers for. We've got some good guys out here, Jordan Lasley and Aaron Sharp, who challenge us daily. I don't know if you guys saw it, they were doing it.

On if a win helps with recruiting:
There is always importance to a win on many levels. Obviously there are recruiting ramifications, especially playing in the state of Texas, where there are a lot of great players. You also have seniors who have a chance to do something that's never been done, a second ten-win season and three nine-win seasons in a row. We want to send them out in the right way. They've been a big part of this culture change. To get this win would be a great gift.

On the health of the defense:
It's good. We were out here today. I don't know if we're missing a guy right now which is saying a lot and its a reflection of Coach Alosi and our strength and conditioning program. The fact is we've had such great health this season.

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