VIDEO: Mazzone on Alamo Bowl

Dec. 21 -- Offensive Coordinator Noel Mazzone talked Sunday about facing Kansas State's defense and the impact of playing in the Alamo Bowl...

On Kansas State:
Good defense. Statistically good. Very well coached. Obviously Coach Snyder, they've had a ton of success there. We've got to match their effort.

On what stands out about K-State's defense:
They don't give up big plays, they make you drive the football and convert third downs. We live and die on the explosive plays and they don't give up a lot of them. We've got to do a good job converting. They play a lot of good offenses in that conference, similar to our offense. They do a good job containing those offenses. Its a really good football team.

On if he's coached against Bill Snyder:
No sir. Nope.

On if playing in a bowl game in Texas helps recruiting:
I think it does, but I think its what bowl game in Texas you're playing in. We have a lot of kids from Texas and recruit Texas pretty hard. It doesn't hurt.

On the long layoff since Stanford:
Yesterday, getting back in the groove of things, was a little tough, but I thought today they did a good job. But they're getting a chance to play in one of the top 7-8 bowl games there is against a top 10, No. 11 team, so if they can't get excited about that, I don't know what they can get excited about.

On Brett Hundley's hand:
He's good, his hand is going to be alright. He doesn't have it all the way back, but he'll be fine.

On how they balance wrapping up this year with focusing on next:
I think we finish up this season. These January bowl games are a little bit of a jump start to the next season and we can put a stamp on the end of this last season. Its a big season for the program and us.

On the offensive line:
With the exception of the Stanford game, since the middle of the season, they started to come together and gel. Conor came in and shored up that left side for us. We were a little musical chairs there for the offensive line and very young but now they're starting to mature. Most of those guys, four out of five are sophomores or redshirt freshman so their best football is coming down the road. I think they understand you have to come and play every week. You can't win today's game on yesterday's home run.

On Asiantii Woulard's development:
Its hard because you focus so much on your starter and then you have Jerry, so you don't see a lot of Asiantii or Mike, but like I tell all the quarterbacks, as soon as Brett, that last game is over with, their world changes and they have meaning to life and they're going to get a chance to see if they can compete. It will be an interesting spring.

On if they saw them at all before game prep for K-State:
A little bit, but not much, not with the first group. Its hard to gauge anything unless you have your first and second defense in there.

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