VIDEO: Jack on Carrying on LB Tradition

Dec. 22 -- Sophomore linebacker Myles Jack talked about maintaining the standard of linebacker play at UCLA after Eric Kendricks leaves...

Myles Jack talked to the media after practice.

On the mental state of the team:
Its really about it being our last game together as a team and the seniors we have. Its my last game with Eric Kendricks. The layoff was made better just by seeing him win all those awards and finally get the recognition he deserves. That made it better. This will be my last game with him. That's what I'm looking forward to, going out with a bang, going out with ten wins.

On what Eric Kendricks means to him:
He's the closest one I've been to since I've been here. He's been on me and getting me better. Communication and making me a better player. Just his instincts, his anticipation, he always knows whats about to happen. Its no surprise. I'm really going to miss him. I can't put in to words what he means to the team and to myself. But he will be missed.

On if he wants to make it a three-peat for the Lott Trophy:
That's definitely the goal. I have to get better. I have a long way to go. Anthony Barr, EK, I have great role models right here. That's a goal of mine, I'm not going to keep it a secret. It would be nice to bring it three times to UCLA. I have a long way to go.

On how he thinks he's improved this season:
I think my versatility, I've been put in a lot of different places, safety, put on receivers, nickel, dime, I think it goes unnoticed. But I think that's where I improved. I focused more on defense. I feel like I've gotten better defensively but have a ways to go. Seeing guys like EK, Anthony, Jordan Zumwalt, I know I have a long way to go, but I'll get there eventually.

On Kansas State's offense:
They do a lot of things, shifting and spreading you out. Their quarterback can run, he's very mobile. They're real crafty and make runs look like passes and passes look like runs. It will be a fun game because there will be a lot of open field tackles. No. 16 is a good player and their tight end is deceptive but very good. He can do it all.

On if he'll match up with Tyler Lockett:
It depends on the coaches but if he's in the slot, there may be a moment or two where I'm on him.

On if he'll think about a move inside with Kendricks leaving:
Nah, that's not my role. Kenny Young, that's his role. He sits next to him in meetings and that's his student. That's his thing, my thing is coverage. That's what I do, I'll keep doing what I'm doing.

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