VIDEO: Brendel on OL Development

Dec. 23 -- Veteran center Jake Brendel talked about how far the offensive line has come this season, and matching up against Kansas State's defensive line...

Jake Brendel talked to us after practice.

On the offensive line over the year:
We've shuffled the cards a little bit, played musical chairs, but thats normal for our offense. We're alwasy going to put the best five out there. To start out the season, I wasn't able to play. It was being more a coaching stance. We escaped that one with a win. We came out the next week and did solid. We still have things to work on. Every other week, it was up and down, we took our hits, like every single offense and offensive lineman in this conference and this sport.

On rebounding from the Stanford loss:
Its always tough to have a game like that. A lot of things said about us cut us deep. We have to come out and make sure those things are fixed and not let them happen again. Every single game is a test for us, its just one more thing to measure us. Its not really motivation, we know what we need to work on now. The things we did in the past, don't work as well.

On Kansas State's defense:
Its very good. They're a very disciplined defense. They don't jump gaps. They do a lot of unorthodox things, but very cut and dry and do what they do very well.

On if it makes it tougher to prepare:
I think its the same. You have to go in to the game with a different mindset. You're not going to see a bunch of things you've not seen before. But they do what they do very well.

On if he'll have a good family contingent:
A little bit. My parents are in Phoenix and Wisconsin, not even in Texas. But I have an uncle and cousins in Texas still.

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