VIDEO: Hundley On Last Game

Dec. 23 -- Quarterback Brett Hundley talked about the end of his UCLA career...

Brett Hundley talked this week after practice.

On it being one of his last practices:
Its a little bittersweet.

On taking a senior picture:
It was fun, but at the same time, time goes fast. You don't realize how fast it is until its done. You realize now how fast time goes.

On where he's improved the most in his career:
Just movement, moving around and making plays. As a quarterback, you learn game management and that goes a long ways. Learning how to throw off-balance. As a quarterback, you can teach a three-step drop but in a game, there aren't many times you can take a three-step drop perfectly. A lot of times you have to move around the defender and making those throws has been an improvement.

On how much the Alamo Bowl will help him for the NFL:
Honestly, I really don't know and don't care. Obviously I want to make this game a big one. I'm not really worried about the draft. We have to get this tenth win and from there, I'll realize the situation and go from there.

On if it was harder to ignore the draft talk this year:
Obviously it was harder. Understanding that I was coming out this year. Last year was 50-50. This year, knowing I'm coming out, it was part of the conversation.

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