VIDEO: Kendricks on His UCLA Career

Dec. 25 -- Award-winning linebacker Eric Kendricks talks about how the program has changed, Coach Jeff Ulbrich, and his experiences over his career of being a Bruin...

UCLA linebacker Eric Kendricks talked to us after practice this week.

On the highlights of his career:
I feel like i have so many friends that came through this program, lifelong relationships I've built with coaches and the players. That's one of the highlights.

On the reputation of building linebackers at UCLA:
Its very different. Its a mentality now. There is a swagger about us. Especially as a unit. We're going to continue to try to get the best guys to do that.

On the influence of Jeff Ulbrich:
A ton. He played ten years in the league. He gave us that swagger we needed and taught us a lot about the game and taught us more about the game.

On the difference in bowl preparation from his arrival:
Every year has been a little different. Every coach has a different taste. This year is different because of schedule. Keep them motivated but give them the time off they needed.

On Myles Jack replacing him:
He has no choice (but to be the leader). I kind of grew up in the system and seen so many things and taught him a lot. We've now experienced a lot together and he can share that with the younger guys and I hope its a cycle that continues here forever.

On keeping the Butkus at UCLA:
I haven't told him that but he knows he has to.

On Kansas State:
They'll try to run the ball. The quarterback is crafty. He likes to run and throw. They have that lead option with him running the ball. We have to be on our P's and Qs. A big physical team we have to respect.

On who Jake Waters reminds him of:
He's nothing like anything we've seen. Pac-12 quarterbacks drop back and scramble if they dont' see anything, but he has designed things. It will be a unique challenge for us and his style of running will be unique.

On the importance of ending his career with a win:
Its crucial. I appreciate my guys working harder in practice to get that. It starts in practice and it's crucial.

On if Ulbrich adjusted with them:
Everyone is learning it all together. You learn what works with certain players. What he's really good at is he takes what style you're good at and have success no matter what style you are.

On the difference between Ulbrich and Lou Spanos:
Our defense has mainly changed from more of a 3-4 to a more traditional 4-3. We show different looks. Both are similar in some aspects but he brought his own flavor.

On if their defense is more of an NFL defense:
I haven't been to the NFL yet, so I wouldn't know but from what I hear, that's what its all about so hopefully I have a leg up.

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