VIDEO: Mora At The Alamo Bowl

Dec. 28 -- Jim Mora talks at the Alamo Bowl about arriving in town, going to the Spurs game tonight, and Brett Hundley's draft stock...

Opening statement:
We are excited to be here. In a few minutes we are going to have a quick team meeting and then head over to the University of Incarnate Word and have a quick workout. The players are going to enjoy the Spurs vs. Rockets game tonight and then tomorrow morning we will start the second week of our bowl preparations which will be a typical Tuesday practice for us. We are just very excited to be here. We just had a great welcome and it just be a really fun and exciting week.

On getting over the loss to Stanford:
I think that they have (gotten over the loss) but you never really want it to go away. I think you can draw from it. We had a week of practice and a practice last night after we all got back from the holidays. The guys seem to be very spirited and very excited. I think they are looking forward to play this Kansas State team in what is a very prestigious bowl. We need to focus on getting ready to play Friday night against a very good Kansas State team.

On San Antonio Spurs head coach Greg Popovich:
I don’t think he just one of the greatest basketball coaches in history. I think he is one of the greatest coaches in sports history.

On Kansas State quarterback Jake Waters:
He is incredibly efficient, an outstanding football player. When you look at his numbers 66 percent completions, 20 touchdowns throwing the ball and only six interceptions, eight touchdowns running the ball. In that offense, his position demands that he be a very good decision maker and have a great grasp of, not only what they are doing offensively but what teams are trying to do against them defensively.

On Brett Hundley's mindset:
I don’t think that, that is Brett’s mindset. I think Brett’s mindset is wanting to go out and play well for his team and his teammates and his university. Anything that may come from that is a bonus. He will have plenty of opportunities after this to go out and prove himself. They have a lot to go off of. So I think Brett is more motivated for this game, and this is just my speculation, to play well for his team and his teammates and his university.

On Kansas State receiver Tyler Lockett:
You’re not going to stop him. The key is to try and slow him down. The young man has 93 catches, he is an all-American and he is a great returner. We talk about him as a receiver a lot but he leads the country with 19 yards per (punt) return. Anytime he gets the ball in his hands he is extremely dangerous. I think you have to a number of things, number one is stopping the run and making them predictable in passing situations where you can work some doubles and get some people around him, but a guy like Lockett, you’re not going to stop him. He is too good. He is a special player.

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