VIDEO: Kendricks in San Antonio

Dec. 28 -- Senior linebacker Eric Kendricks talks about which teams Kansas State seems to resemble that UCLA has faced this year...

Eric Kendricks in San Antonio:

On the Stanford loss and season overall:
I don’t know if we’ll ever get over it, per se, but I mean, I think we’re ready to play this next game and we’re very excited and we couldn’t be more happy to be here.

On playing at UCLA:
For me personally, it’s been a blast, you know, to play with my brothers at my favorite school of all time, UCLA. I’ve had a lot of fun this season and I’m excited to play my last game here.

On the team overall:
Tremendous, you know, guys have really started to buy in and it’s changed around here, you know, we’re really excited and, I mean, things are different.

On winning the Butkus Award:
It was always a dream of mine to win the Butkus and it means a lot. So I mean, that was huge to end my senior season and I couldn’t be more happier. I’m blessed and I’m excited.

On Kansas State on film:
They have a lot of exotic formations, you know, the splits and tendencies like that. They run the ball a lot with the quarterback very effectively and that causes an extra gap, and when you’re out in gap like that, it creates problems for the defense. So we have to be on our Ps and Qs, and we have to play with technique and a sound defense.

On the difference between K-State and other opponents:
I don’t want to say they’re like anyone we’ve played…they’re in a different conference and they bring aspects to the game that a lot of teams like Stanford and Arizona might bring to the table, just splits-wise and things like that. But it’s a little piece from each team we play, but they’re just a whole different team so we have to treat them like a whole different team, you know?

On Kansas State quarterback Jake Waters:
Just to never count him out of a play. You always have to account for him running the ball, when it’s a pass play, as well. You have to keep your eyes back and you have to play sound. You can’t just relax ever in the play because plays will be extended and he scrambles in the pocket, so plays are going to be longer than they usually are.

On the Pac-12 in the bowls so far:
Not surprised by the Pac-12 in the bowl games, this is a good conference and I’ve been watching them a lot, so, I mean, all the teams are doing good so far.

On if any opponent was like K-State:
I mean, every team you play is different so you prepare for that team. At the end of the day, football is football, and I feel like that’s the special part of the game. Every team brings something different to their game style. I’m excited, man, and this is a team I haven’t played before. So, I’m excited.

On current Spur and former UCLA basketball player Kyle Anderson:
Absolutely, yeah, Kyle’s my buddy. I’m excited, he’s been playing well so it’s pretty cool. On Christmas with their families:
Oh yeah, absolutely, we spent Christmas with families and we had a great couple of days off, it was much-needed. And now we have to work. So there you go.

On a later bowl:
Yeah, I mean, we’re ready. We came here to play football, so I mean, we’re excited to play a bowl game no matter what day it is. We’re here to play ball and we couldn’t be more happy to be here at the Alamo Bowl.

On his leadership:
I mean, I wouldn’t say it comes from anything in particular. I just try to lead by example and try to let everything else follow suit.

On what Jake Waters does different:
Um, it’s kind of like a little delay, if you’ve seen the film. It’s not like a run right away, not really a pass right away, it’s kind of like a little, there’s a couple of seconds where you don’t know what’s going to happen. That’s the tricky part.

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