VIDEO: Hundley on Alamo Bowl

Dec. 29 -- Redshirt junior quarterback Brett Hundley talks in San Antonio about playing in his final game as a Bruin...

Brett Hundley talks in San Antonio:

On going to the Spurs game and being in San Antonio:
Yeah, should be fun to watch Kyle Anderson, get a little action in and you know just happy to be here. Obviously we got the whole team and everybody’s excited… but where all just ready to have fun.

On the loss to Stanford:
We want to be able to get out one more time after that loss but at the same time we want to able to get over it and move on.

On the Kansas State defense:
hey’re just very disciplined, good defense, fast, physical and don’t make many mistakes so we have to be on our P’s and Q’s.

On the Alamo Bowl as an audition for the NFL:
I think that every game is an audition. You know we are out here just playing football but you don’t want to overthink something but at the same time you know what is on the table, but every game is an opportunity to show what I can do. “It’s fun. I got one more shot and I’m going to give it my all.

On expectations with the NFL Draft:
To get drafted. You know a lot of people put so much on where you’re going and when you get drafted, but as long as you get the opportunity I think that is the biggest thing. I mean you can go in the first round, you can go in the second round but are you going to stay in the league, are you going to continue to be playing . You see people all the time going in the second round but to stay on is the goal. Whenever it may happen, wherever I get drafted to, I think the opportunity matters the most.

On announcing going to the NFL Draft:
Both years I waited. Last year I wasn’t worried to make a decision until after the game and this year, I already made a decision.

On Kyle Anderson in college:
Good guy, very respectable, humble. Really good at basketball.

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