VIDEO: Players after Victory

Jan. 11 -- Norman Powell, Bryce Alford, and Tony Parker talk after the 73-54 win over California on Sunday...

Norman Powell and Bryce Alford:

Bryce Alford:
On the importance of the Stanford win for the team’s confidence:
It was huge for us. It was like getting the win like we did, I fouled out in the first overtime (period) and the guys played huge. I’m usually out there for 30-35 minutes a game, so the other guys really stepped it up in the second overtime. It was a really big win for us. It’s going to give us momentum.

On playing inside/out:
It’s our biggest strength to go inside initially. We tend to score more points that way.

Norman Powell:
On his hip:
It’s getting better. I still have some bruising. As long as nothing is broken, I’ll be on the court.

On the pressing defense:
It’s been really great and working for us. We are long, especially with Kevon (Looney) who has a seven-plus wingspan. It helps when pressing because after the team passes half-court, they only have twenty seconds to get into their offense.

On guarding Tyrone Wallace:
I just made sure I stayed in front of him. I know that he tends to drive to the basket and shoot a lot of up-and-under shots. Today the key was keeping in front of him.

Tony Parker:

Tony Parker:
On the difference of playing down low:
We draw a lot of attention down there. It’s easier for our guards to get better looks. We want our guards to pass some easy shots.

On the Cal and Stanford match-ups:
It was good today. I took a charge. They had two bigs, so it really helped me to face those guys this weekend.

On the importance of the Stanford win for the team’s confidence:
We really picked it up in the second half. Norman really carried us in the first half. It’s conference (play), so we have to gain momentum.

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