The Trend Meter for UCLA Recruits -- 2/3

After consulting with Scout experts, here's the way each UCLA prospect is trending in his recruitment. Check back regularly as the Trend Meter will continually change as the trends change. Update 2/3.

Following recruiting is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride, especially in January. For experts, handicapping recruitments is a pretty dubious endeavor. Recruiting is incredibly volatile, obviously, since it’s based on the whims of teenagers that have an enormous amount of pressure on them from many different adults.

Predicting where a recruit is going to go is far too unpredictable. Fans, though, always want to know the latest buzz on each recruit so we thought the best thing to do is put together essentially a latest trend meter, kind of a stock report on whether UCLA's chances with the recruit are going up, down or sideways. We’ve talked to various Scout experts around the country and this is the latest trend for each prospect still remaining on UCLA’s 2015 board. The beauty of this is that as the trend changes we can change that little arrow as we approach National Signing Day February 4th. Keep checking back here as we’ll constantly be updating the trend meter.

The latest updates are in bold.

Chris Clark, TE, Avon (Conn.) Old Farms

Everything is trending upward for UCLA with Clark. He’s said UCLA is his leader and he’s tweeting UCLA stuff daily. UCLA coaches will be in to visit him at his school Thursday and then he goes on an official visit to Michigan, where he was verbally committed to previously. The arrow could very easily flip after that visit, but UCLA will have its in-home visit the next week and then its official visit. 1/18: It's difficult to talk about which way he's trending when he's on a visit to Michigan. But before the visit, he made indications that UCLA was a pretty strong leader. 2/1: We've heard that the situation with Clark is now a good bit murkier than it was, and there's a feeling that this one is far from over. Plenty can change (obviously) in these sorts of recruitments, but right now it's looking like a legitimate tossup between UCLA and Michigan. 2/2: Things are looking good for Clark as of Monday. Go here to see why.

Announcement Date: National Signing Day, ESPN, 5:35 a.m. PST

Sotonye Jamabo, RB, Plano (Tex.) Plano West

Latest buzz is that UCLA is trending upward for Jamabo, and that Notre Dame has gone looking for other running back prospects because it believes UCLA is getting him. The real threat is probably hometown Texas, which has been gaining some recruiting momentum. 1/18: As you've probably read, it's down to UCLA and Texas. You'd almost rather have it between UCLA and Notre Dame, since it would be two out-of-state schools for him. The feeling is still that UCLA leads but you can't under-estimate the pull of Texas as the hometown school. One thing perhaps going for the Bruins is that Texas might take Chris Warren first. 2/1: We've heard that the recent trend is up for UCLA. Here's some inside info for BRO subscribers. 2/2: It appears Texas is out, leaving just UCLA as the one program standing.

Announcement Date: National Signing Day, ESPN, 6:20 a.m.

Josh Wariboko, OL, Oklahoma City (Okla.) Casady

It was a little shaky there for a while, but the feeling is that Wariboko is back leaning toward UCLA. He has plans to visit UCLA unofficially in January, which is big. Hometown Oklahoma, though, is coming on strong and could still very much win out in the end. 1/18: UCLA is the leader but sources close to the situation think, with the local Oklahoma pressure, they wouldn't be surprised if he ultimately opted for Oklahoma. If he actually gets on campus next week when he's in town for the West Coast Bowl that will really help UCLA's chances. We're close to changing this to the sideways arrow but not quite yet. 2/1: The feeling remains that UCLA leads for Wariboko.

Announcement Date: National Signing Day, ESPN, 8:05 a.m.

Roquan Smith, LB, Montezuma (Ga.) Macon County

UCLA still has a chance since Smith has a plan to visit UCLA officially the last weekend of January. Many in the southeast keep saying not to count out UCLA, but we’re skeptical and think he’ll go to heavily-assumed favorite, Georgia. 1/27: We've changed the arrow to sideways, based on the opinion of a few people in the Southeast. Even though Smith visited Michigan, the feeling is that its down to UCLA and Georgia and, still, many believe he'll opt for the hometown school. But some of the Southeast sources who last year said that Rashaan Evans wouldn't go to UCLA are now saying that UCLA has a legit shot at Smith. The Scout Georgia site has its trend arrow sideways on Smith. It's going to get very interesting when Smith officially visits UCLA this weekend. 2/1: We've heard that Smith's visit to UCLA was "overwhelming," according to sources close to the situation. Read more here. 2/2: We're coming close to making this an up arrow. Here's why.

Announcement Date: Signing Day, ESPN, 8:20 a.m.

Cordell Broadus WR, Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman

1/27: UCLA is just recently getting involved with the receiver again, who previously was thought to be leaning toward Arizona State. The latest developments make it appear likely Broadus will visit UCLA this weekend and verbally commit. 1/30: Broadus will not officially visit UCLA this weekend, but it's still believed UCLA is the leader.

Announcement Date: National Signing Day, ESPN, 11:35 a.m.

Nathan Meadors, DB, San Bernardino San Gorgonio

Things are trending up for Meadors. He recently said UCLA leads for him and the fact that he can’t fit in a trip to Oregon and still has his visit to UCLA is a good thing for the Bruins. 2/1: The feeling from his official visit is that UCLA solidified its lead for Meadors.

Announcement Date: Signing Day, Feb. 4th, Fox Sports Prime Ticket, 1:00 p.m.

Iman Marshall, DB, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly

There are rumors from people close to the Marshall recruitment that swear he’s going to UCLA, but we think it’s a smokescreen, at least until we hear something more credible.

Announcement Date: Signing Day, ESPN 1:05 p.m.

Joseph Wicker, DL, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly

All of the recent buzz, especially coming out of the U.S. Army Game, was that Wicker was leaning to UCLA. He’ll visit UCLA Jan. 23rd and we think there’s a very good chance he gets it done there. ASU is the main competition at this point. 1/18: As we've said, the word is that UCLA leads ASU. But sources also say that Wicker can be a little flighty and it wouldn't surprise anyone if leading up to his decision everyone thought one school and he opted for the other.2/1: The early returns from Wicker's official visit is that UCLA leads.

Announcement Date: National Signing Day, ESPN 1:10 p.m.

Cassius Peat, DL/LB, Tempe (Ariz.) Corona Del Sol

Peat is a soft commitment to UCLA but at this point it really could go either way between UCLA and ASU. In December he said he had decommitted, then said he didn't and he was firm with UCLA. Recently it looks like he's again uncertain. It's still not enough for us to change this to a sideways arrow. 1/20: We've now heard enough to change the arrow to down. In the last couple of days we've heard from sources in Arizona that are convinced he's going to announce for ASU on February 4th. 1/22: We've heard enough in the last few days to turn the arrow sideways. The word is that Peat and his parents both prefer UCLA but that he's getting a great deal of local pressure to stay at ASU. One source said that his father is adamant about him sticking with his commitment to UCLA, but we're still skeptical. 1/25: Lately the information we've been getting is that he's still favoring UCLA. In fact, we've heard his parents want him at UCLA, and that he'd be defying his father's preference if he went to ASU. 1/31: We've heard that as of tonight he never got to Michigan State and it's unlikely he will visit this weekend as had been mentioned as a possibility. We've also heard that there really isn't anything there anymore with ASU and, from folks we've talked to in Arizona and close to the recruitment, he's expected to sign with UCLA. The arrow is now up.

Announcement Date: Signing Day

Tyrone Wheatley, DL, Buffalo (New York) Canisius

The sideways arrow might be a bit optimistic, with Tyrone Wheatley Sr. just taking a job at Michigan. He is scheduled to visit UCLA on Jan. 23rd, and if he can actually get to that visit it gives the Bruins a chance. 1/18: I keep hearing he doesn't want to go to a cold climate (obviously had enough of it in Buffalo), and that it could come down to between UCLA and USC. 1/26: He'll visit Alabama this weekend, but the prevalent factor we keep hearing is whether he plays TE or DE in college. The word is that he wants to play tight end and the only school recruiting him at that position is USC. 2/3: The word is that USC it out of hit. More here.

Announcement Date: National Signing Day, 12:15 PST.

Victor Alexander, LB, Jacksonville (Fla.) Trinity Christian

Alexander has been verbally committed to UCLA for a long time, but has flirted with other schools. He visited Virginia Tech and still has a visit to Georgia Tech arranged for this weekend, and his UCLA visit on the 16th. The most recent trend points to him holding with his UCLA commitment. 1/18: We've heard Alexander's visit went really well, and he told us he's now "pretty solid" to UCLA. It sounds as if he'll still visit Georgia Tech, but UCLA is in a good spot to retain his commitment. 1/26: Alexander told us today that he's solid to UCLA and only wanting to visit other schools for the experience. 1/31: After being committed to UCLA for almost a year, Alexander flipped four days before signing day, committing to Georgia Tech after he officially visited there. UCLA isn't done recruiting him, however. 2/1: Alexander confirmed with us that he had flipped back to UCLA. 2/3: Alexander is now looking like he could sign with Georgia Tech. Go here.

Announcement Date: Unknown

Tony Brown, WR, La Mirada (Calif.)

He’s committed to Texas Tech but is visiting UCLA this weekend. The feeling is that if UCLA goes all in and he has a good weekend he could flip to UCLA, which was previously his leader. 1/18: We've heard his visit to UCLA went really well, to the point where he'll have a lot to think about over the coming weeks. He didn't flip his commitment this, but depending on how things shake out with Carlos Strickland and Ryan Newsome, UCLA could make him a huge focus in the coming weeks, and that could generate a flip. 1:29: We're hearing the chances of Brown flipping to UCLA have diminished.

Announcement Date: Unknown

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