Next Big Thing From Hawaii?

Jan. 22 -- Kaiser (HI) offensive guard Michael Eletise is starting to emerge as Hawaii's next big hog...

While the Islands will be losing Canton Kaumatule, Breiden Fehoko, Semisi Uluave, Fred Ulu-Perry, and Rex Manu, there will still be some strong play in the trenches in 2015-2016. Enter Michael Eletise.

"Hawaii has a reputation for producing some of the best linemen, that's my goal to be one of the best," Eletise claimed. "I love the game of football, and I am just competing to be great. I pride myself on being a smart player, I study for hours every week, working on my technique, and understanding my opponents. I also do my best to be in the best shape possible. I ended my junior season at 6-4 275, and I am now up to 302. I've added some solid mass and am feeling really good. I've actually been training with Fred Ulu-Perry, to get ready for a B2G Camp in California."

While Kaiser isn't a football factory, Eletise is beginning to draw a lot of attention to the Cougar program.

"Recently, Texas Tech, Oregon, and a few other programs have been by," Eletise said. "Coach Kingsbury, Hays, and Smith were all out here and visited my school. A few nights later, I found out they were extending me an offer. I was ecstatic, literally jumping for joy. That was my second offer, along with Colorado. Also, Oregon stopped by my school, and I briefly met Coach Greatwood. Oregon would be a big deal, it is everyone's favorite school out here and I am starting to really like the Ducks."

Eletise has a different favorite school, that he has grown up watching.

"I am open to everyone, but the dream school is definitely USC," Eletise explained. "My dad was a chaplain there and we have always been SC fans. I am hoping to take an unofficial there when I'm at the B2G Battlegrounds Camp. I'll also be checking out UCLA, who has been recruiting me some."

Scout got a chance to see Eletise in person last summer, when he walked away with offensive line MVP honors at the All-Poly Camp in Utah. He has a nice blend of nastiness and finesse and is a powerful left guard prospect. He can play a few different positions, but is made for the inside.

"Olin Kreutz is my mentor," Eletise shared. "I have learned a lot from him and try to model a lot of my game off of him. I am really excited for the future. I eat, breath, and sleep football."

Scout will keep you posted on Eletise...

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