Clark Could Commit Soon

Jan. 21 -- Three-star Rialto (Calif.) Carter defensive tackle Kyon Clark has an in-home visit with UCLA coaches tonight that could result in an offer...

Update: Clark will no longer have an in-home tonight, with the hope that it will be rescheduled soon.

Three-star Rialto (Calif.) Carter defensive tackle Kyon Clark committed to Montana several months ago, but tonight could provide a game-changing offer that would be hard to pass up.

"(Tonight) I'm going to have an in-home visit with UCLA," Clark said. "Coach Angus McClure and I think Coach Martin are going to come over, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get an offer.

"If they offer, I'm pretty much going to commit on the spot."

Clark said that Coach McClure has been recruiting him pretty heavily for the last several months, and he said that they talk, typically, about three times per week.

Clark is as of yet unsure whether the offer he gets will come as a greyshirt offer -- where he wouldn't be part of the team until after the 2015 season is over -- or as a full scholarship offer. Either way, he said, the offer would be almost impossible to pass up.

A big part of that is, of course, that Clark's brother, Kenneth Clark, is a current sophomore on the UCLA football team, and the opportunity to play with him is something he's very excited about.

"Oh yeah, playing with my brother would be great," Kyon Clark said. "He was actually a little upset when I committed to Montana, so I know he's pretty happy that this seems to be happening now. I think he was a little upset that it took this long."

Kyon did say that he didn't think his presence would have much effect on his brother's decision to stay at UCLA or go pro after his junior year.

"I really don't think it's going to matter that much," Kyon Clark said. "He hasn't really talked about it much at all, and I think he's going to have to do what's best for him in the long run."

Other schools that might potentially jump in the mix would be New Mexico State and Fresno State, but he said those were strictly backup options in the event that UCLA doesn't offer. But he's readily expecting UCLA to come through at some point in the next two weeks.

"If I don't get offered tomorrow, I think it could happen on the last weekend before Signing Day, when I take my official visit," Clark said. "But if something falls through, I still have my commitment to Montana, and I think there could be another couple of offers coming."

Clark's weight, which is probably in the 350+ pound range, has been a concern for some schools throughout his commitment, and he said it's something that he knows he needs to start working on ASAP.

"I know what I have to do, and how much work I need to put in," Clark said. "I'm ready to get going on it."

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