Development with T.J. Simmons

Jan. 21 -- There's been a development in the recruitment of committed running back T.J. Simmons...

Sources have indicated that it's highly improbable Lakeland (Fla.) running back T.J. Simmons will qualify academically and sign a National Letter of Intent for UCLA.

Simmons committed to UCLA over the summer, and this development is unfortunate in many respects, since Simmons, by all accounts, has shown great character, and has been extremely helpful with UCLA's recruiting throughout the process, helping to convince others to look at UCLA.

UCLA running backs coach Kennedy Polamalu visited Simmons in Florida Monday.

Simmons could continue try to improve his academic profile in time to enroll by fall but that it would be a considerable task.

There is also a remote possibility that he could go to a junior college and then ultimately transfer to UCLA, but it's rare that a player who isn't qualified for UCLA out of high school manages to successfully become qualified out of a junior college.

We've heard that Marshall could be an eventual destination for Simmons, since they accept partial qualifiers.

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