Davis Has Late Visit From UCLA

Jan. 23 -- Four-star wide receiver Ryan Davis' house has been a revolving door for college recruiters since the dead period ended. UCLA is among the schools trying to get involved late...

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"It's one coach in and then one coach out," Ryan Davis said about the never-ending days. "It's kind of stressful because every day you are trying to reschedule what you just scheduled. I ask myself I wonder why it took some of these schools so long to start looking at me? Why now and why not then? That's what I am considering right now. I want to trust the people I am signing with. What caused them to now just start wanting me? Do they really need me or did they miss on someone else and now they are trying to fill that spot? I have a lot of different options I am weighing right now."

Who are the "newbies" that are making a push?

"Before I blew up I had some offers, but it seems like the last few weeks is when everything started blowing up. Michigan, Alabama, and Auburn are the main ones. Auburn thought I was going to Florida State because my big brother plays there. Michigan got a new coach so I can see that. They called and offered and have made a priority. UCLA also came in late. They are all on me really hard right now."

UCLA quarterbacks coach Taylor Mazzone visited Davis at his school yesterday.

A trio of colleges have been involved from the start.

"The ones who have been with me? Most definitely it's Maryland and Ole Miss Those two schools I have been talking to since my freshman year. Kentucky too. Those three have stayed consistent with me throughout the recruiting process."

Ryan has already taken in an official visit to Maryland but has yet to visit Ole Miss and Kentucky. That could be in the works.

"It's a good possibility I am going to cancel one of my visits coming up with Alabama or Florida. I'll fill that visit with Ole Miss or Kentucky. Both of those schools have been with me for so long. I owe it to myself to go see them. I will probably take a midweek visit to the school I choose not to go on the weekend. I definitely want to go check out both schools."

The nation's #267 rated prospect hosted the Ole Miss head coach Tuesday.

"Coaches (Jason) Jones, (Grant) Heard, and (Hugh) Freeze came by here Tuesday night. They were telling me about the opportunities I would have at slot. They are only going to take one slot in this class. They want me to compete for that job. They said I bring a different dynamic than what they have on their team right now. They said they didn't have anyone that can make people miss and make big plays like I can. They need a dynamic playmaker to go with Laquon Treadwell. They think I can be that guy."

The message from Ole Miss has remained consistent throughout the process.

"That's what stands out about Ole Miss the most for me is they very consistent with what they tell me. They are very honest and straight forward with me every time. Sometimes they tell me some things that I don't like, but they are just keeping it real. I appreciate that about them. I know Ole Miss keeps it real. That's what I really like about them. They want me to come up this weekend for a visit. I have Alabama scheduled, for now, but I am thinking about canceling it and going to Ole Miss. I just don't know for sure yet."

Davis' house will be filled with college recruiters for the remainder of the week.

"Kentucky hasn't come by this week, but their offensive coordinator is supposed come by Thursday or Friday. Michigan and Florida are coming Wednesday. UCLA too. Michigan is bringing in their head coach. Florida has already brought coach Mac so he can't come again."

What is Florida's draw?

"Just my opportunities there. I like their tradition and getting a chance to play in the SEC. It's close to home too."

And Alabama?

"It's Alabama with or without me. They want to go more in the shot gun more next fall and start spreading it around. They want to get their playmakers in space. They want to throw some quick outs instead of post routes. They think I can be that guy."

Maryland gives him immediate playing time

"I can play right away at Maryland. That's the thing about Maryland. I know I can go in there and make a big impact my freshman season. I mean I will have to go in there and earn it. Nothing will be given to me, but I see what they are bringing back."

The All-State performer visited Auburn this past weekend and left impressed.

"Their offense just puts you out in space and gives guys like me a chance to make plays. It fits my skill set. They get their guys in the open spaces with a lot of bubble screens and let you do your thing."

In the end the decision will come down to two things.

"Where can I make the quickest impact and which coaches can I trust the most? That's it, really."

The St. Petersburg Player of the Year had over 3,400 yards of offense and 35 touchdowns.

Yancy Porter is the Mississippi Scout for Scout.com and he can be reached at yporter@scout.com

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