Olorunfunmi on Recruiting Trail

Jan. 23 -- Three-star running back Bolu Olorunfunmi, who committed to UCLA early last year, is trying to help the Bruins close on two big recruits...

Three-star Fresno (Calif.) Clovis North running back Bolu Olorunfunmi has been committed to UCLA for so long that it was almost surprising to see him tweet out this week that he was shutting down his recruitment, considering it’s felt like it’s been over for the better part of a year.

“I’ve been wanting to do it for a while,” Olorunfunmi said of shutting it down. “For a while, I just wanted to keep my options open, but the UCLA coaches, they’ve been sticking with me the whole way through, and they’re not playing any games with me. And really, I just got tired of coaches trying to flip me. Oregon State’s been on me constantly, and they were really trying to get me to visit, and I have no real feel for them. I just wanted it out there that I’m completely solid and done.”

It’s no secret to the other recruits UCLA is pursuing that Olorunfunmi is as solid as they come. He’s likely been UCLA’s most steadfast recruiter among committed prospects, helping to wrangle the attention of national prospects Josh Wariboko and Sotonye Jamabo thanks to a very specific connection.

“Josh and Soso are probably the main two I’m recruiting right now,” Olorunfunmi said. “When we were at B2G Elite last summer, we found out we were all Nigerian, and we just kind of clicked right away. It’s just that connection, with our family backgrounds. You understand each other right away. That was kind of how I started to appeal to them and get them interested in UCLA.”

Wariboko, long thought to be a UCLA-lean with Oklahoma running a very close second, made some headlines this weekend by saying that Ohio State is his leader. Olorunfunmi didn’t seem to think that was completely legitimate.

“I think he’s just saying that for media purposes to maybe build a little drama heading into the announcement,” Olorunfunmi said. “I know his heart. We’re both trying to get Soso on board, so I don’t think Josh is going anywhere else. I think Josh knows where he’s going, he just wants to create a little commotion before Signing Day and have people thinking about it. I think they’re both going to UCLA.”

UCLA’s No. 1 player-recruiter is going to try to head up to campus for a visit while he’s down in Los Angeles, but with the rules governing these sorts of All Star games, he’s unsure whether he’ll be able to.

“I think I’m able to go up after the event is over on Sunday,” Olorunfunmi said. “I’m going to check on that, but I’m going to try to head up to campus and maybe say what’s up to the official visitors if they’re still around.”

One of Olorunfunmi’s first recruits at UCLA and his potential backfield partner of the future, T.J. Simmons, decommitted from UCLA this week after he was told that it was unlikely he’d qualify for school in Westwood.

“He told me it was all because of grades, not something he really wanted to do,” Olorunfunmi said. “It’s sad, man, he sounded really broken up about it. I could tell it hit him hard. He’s still a friend of mine, so I’m going to keep in contact with him regardless of what happens.”

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