VIDEO: Players after Victory

Jan. 30 -- Norman Powell, Bryce Alford, and Isaac Hamilton talk after the big win over Utah...

Norman Powell:

Bryce Alford and Isaac Hamilton:

Bryce Alford
On defensive effort:
Defense is really about effort and playing as hard as you can. When you play that way, the ball seems to bounce your way. We got embarrassed in Salt Lake (City), so we were ready for this. Like I said, it was all about effort and playing like a team. Coach wrote that on the board in order to emphasize playing like a team.

On offensive efficiency:
I thought we did a real good job of sharing the ball, we were not lazy with the ball. Everyone really took care of the basketball. I had one lazy turnover at the end, but overall I felt like we did a good job taking care of the ball.

On Norman Powell:
I spoke to Norman right before the game and I told him that in the first three minutes we had to bring energy. We are the most experienced, besides Tony who has been out, so I knew he would bring it.

Isaac Hamilton
On the loss against Utah:
We really believe in each other and Coach has been emphasizing that. We had three days to prep with a full team, so I think that really helped us.

On his shooting slump:
Coach has been telling me to keep focused and keep your head in the game. I really look forward to the next game because my shot is back. I’ve been doing a lot of shooting after practice. We have to be competitive and just play hard.

Norman Powell
On going 0-4 against Top-25 teams:
Tonight was a big win for us. We’ve had some really tough losses. After the Oregon trip, we knew we had to pick up our intensity.

On differences in loss:
In our tough losses we just stopped talking to each other. We just knew we had to bring energy tonight.

On the previous loss to Utah:
As I walked into the locker room today and the coach put the score on the board (71-39), we knew we had to come out and compete. We were really focused in the last three days of practice.

On the Oregon trip:
We came together as a team and said to each other that we have to be better. The guys came out on Monday and hit the floor ready to practice. In those losses we weren’t talking, we have a lot of young guys. We have to talk and encourage our guys in order to give them confidence. Once somebody makes a good play, we have to congratulate each other.

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