Official Visit Preview: Nathan Meadors

Jan. 30 -- Three-star safety Nathan Meadors would provide more depth at a suddenly thinning position...

Nathan Meadors (6'2, 180)
San Bernardino (Calif.) San Gorgonio
No. 62 Safety

Introduction: The safety position has suddenly become a bit uncertain for UCLA. Anthony Jefferson, the mainstay from the last two years, has moved on to NFL preparation. Randall Goforth, who started last year, suffered two shoulder injuries last year and it's going to be interesting to see how he recovers. Zach Whitley, who had moved to safety (at least part-time), has transferred. Tahaan Goodman, who was thought to be a potential starter there long term, has seen his progression stagnate. The end result is that UCLA needs safeties, and Nathan Meadors can help to fill that hole. The safety came on strong his senior year, and has plenty of versatility.

Recruitment: Meadors was one of a few players, along with Tony Brown and Octavius Spencer, who saw his stock rise considerably after a very good senior season. Schools started recruiting him heavily in mid-November, with offers from Notre Dame, California, Oregon, UCLA, Washington and plenty others all coming in quick succession. Meadors has effectively narrowed it down to Notre Dame and UCLA at this point, and the smart money is that UCLA, with the official visit this weekend, will snag Meadors come Signing Day.

Evaluation: Meadors has good size -- maybe not his listed 6'2, but well over six feet. He played both corner and safety this season, and also filled in at quarterback as a dual threat, so he's a good athlete. He has good, natural instincts for safety, and also is plenty fast enough to keep up with most receivers. He'll need to continue to improve his technique, but the raw material is there for him to be a successful safety in UCLA's scheme. As we said, he also has versatility -- he doesn't have the best hands in the world, but he did plenty with the ball in his hands in high school to make you think he could fit in somewhere on offense. At UCLA, he would probably see limited, if any, time his first year, but would compete to start from his second year on.


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