VIDEO: Alford after Colorado

Jan. 31 -- Head coach Steve Alford talks about the defensive effort in Saturday night's win over Colorado...

Opening statement:
I’m extremely proud of our team. This was a big week for us after going on the road and losing a couple and then getting Tony back in the mix. We practiced well this week and we put together two really good games. I thought it was 80 minutes of good basketball for us. We’ve got a good rhythm to us. That next step that we talked about it, we kind of got it going when we got that win on the road against USC under our belt. Hopefully we’ll have an injury-free practice week and we can go full load into the road trip. There are a lot of good things that happened this week and our guys deserve it.

On Kevon Looney and Isaac Hamilton:
Kevon had another double-double tonight. In 50 percent of the games he’s played in, he’s had a double-double; there’s not a lot of freshmen in the country that can say that. I thought Isaac’s two games defensively this week on Wright and Booker were tremendous. Our defense this week was really good and that was great to see.

On what the team was doing to pressure Colorado:
We’ve had three practices this week where we’ve had a full boat. It’s important because now in practice it’s Tony versus Thomas and now Kevon has Jonah Bolden guarding him. Now our bigs are going at one another and through that competition they’re getting better. We haven’t been able to do that a lot. We really improved in practice this week with our ball pressure and we contested shots. I think the difference in our defense the last two games is that we contested shots. Even in scramble mode, we’ve had to contest shots and we did that tonight.

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